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Hexagram 55.5 to 49- "A thing of beauty"


Sep 9, 2013
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I asked Yi: "What if I text C to say I want to try again?"
I received Hexagram 55.5 'Abundance'- in Hilary's translation, "A thing of beauty coming/ Brings praise and reward, good fortune", moving to Hexagram 49 'Radical Change'. This in itself seems simple on its face, that taking that course would have an abundant fortunate outcome, and the relating line in 49 seems to echo that. Li Se calls it "showing your pattern" so that others can follow it. But Hilary's translation of this line is quite different from Wing's, which suggests asking the opinion of able helpers, really totally different. And I do know that 55 is about a zenith of abundance that is in the moment...

I asked also a reverse question ("What if I do not text C...") Yi responded with Hexagram this seems like a more 'meta' answer- that whichever response I would get, I should seek the truth and way inside myself rather than basing it on somebody else, they alone will not make me happy ("maybe drumming, maybe weeping").


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Apr 26, 2021
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55.5 > 49

This is a good line for this if you feel it’s truly the right moment. That everything is in place, the womb is ready to grow something, and it feels aligned, flowing, not forced. Also, yes, the pattern revealing itself is likely. So, if you have a strong pattern with this person, that might be what you can expect. (This line doesn’t always mean something wonderful in my experience, it can just mean you see the pattern of things or see what has developed. But, I have received it in love too!)

I feel like if I got this line for this question I would text. If it’s for good reasons at a good time (or at least as good a time as any, not a weak moment etc) then why not :) 55 and 49 are both quite a lot to handle. There is a lot to take on with this if it lands, so maybe consider that too.


Apr 4, 2021
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I received this hex recently when asking about the effects of sending a text as well!

In my situation, it was a text expressing true feelings of disappointment to an lifelong best friend that I had not been invited to her going-away party as she was mvoing out of country, and other long-standing old hard feelings, and how I still deeply cared about her despite us growing apart and not talking much. I was planning to put quite a bit of effort into travelling to visit her when I found out about this party, and reconsidered my plans.

Since this was such an auspicious line, I sent it.

It turned out someone else had organized the party, she apologized that I had not been invited, and reaffirmed that I mattered to her as well. We made plans to catch up via phone instead of the visit, and had a pleasant conversation forgiving eachother for past hurts.

So although things didn't turn out the way I wanted (I'd received 14.4 "something one would be proud of is not happening") with the visit, it was a refreshing moment of renewal in our friendship. And checked me on some of my own patterns of assuming & projecting intent on other people. She was very gracious..."a thing of beauty" indeed :)

55.5 also reminds me of angel numbers. 555 being one that signifies a big change coming (like 49), and I often see when patterns of connection with other people are about to change, or before I meet someone new.

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