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Hexagram 6, line 4


Jun 19, 1970
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I'm getting this line repeatedly, re going to work and have taken it pretty much at face value. The message in the line seems clear enough - you cannot contend, withdraw from conflict, seek peace. But I'm wondering if I'm missing something. I'm not working (quite happily) and am asking about going to work. Even when I have been in work I get this line (usually I wish to withdraw) The line seems self explanatory, just wondered does anyone have any more insights about the meaning of this line ?


Mar 6, 1971
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Hi everyone,

Some ideas about Hex 6 line 9-4
The best way to understand the line is going though Hex 6 and 59.
Hex 6- Contention.
Asking about working or not you get a clear answer ? No harvest crossing the great river ??.and even more info ? alert and central auspicious, to the end pitfall?. This is like that because ? the one who has the truth is obstructed?.
Contention means no connecting with something, someone or yourself. Have a look into the Symbol text and you will find more inside about what to do in this case: ? set up affairs, plan ahead?. Any sense so far?.
Inside Hex 6 is Hex 37 ? Family members. Interesting enough to have family in contention. Now is a matter of imagination: work, family and contention. How many question can you ask with these words?.
Ah?.. Have you seen the ideograph is someone asking for justice?. More ideas?.

Hex 59, dispersion.
Have you notice that ?harvest wading the great river? appear this time?. And how about the king creates a temple?. Here is time for projects and connexions. Go with the wind and you will have results says the image tradition.
Another point of view more spiritual. How about thinking in dispersion of selfishness?. Do you remember Not connecting with yourself in hex 6?.
Inside dispersion is nourishment. What needs should you dissolve?.
Finally the ideograph is a river meaning joy.

Now, full of ideas and having a splitting headache, let go back to your line. You know you cannot control the conflicts if you start working, so the best way to deal with this situation is ? return and approach destiny?. Destiny is the big word here. How about returning to yourself?, your inner intuition?. Is your destiny to be without working?, working alone?, How about thinking in time?, something like this is not the right time now.
Be sincere and peace will arrive.
One last idea 4 line is the first line in the outer world. Interesting isn?t it?.

I hope this help a little bit.



Hiya Louise,

What I get from this line is something similar to #24. Its like: there's a time for outward motion and a time for return to ones core. A time for reaching out and a time for holding fast to ones inner worth (61). If one reaches out when there's nothing to receive them, they will wind up with contention within. The shift described in 6/4 is, I believe, a turning back to ones inner core and inner truth/strength. In this way, they prepare their ground for a planting and a harvest when the time ushers the change in.

I'll share a bit of my own recent experience with you. I received this line quite a bit before making the move here to AZ. For clarification, things aren't all rosy in my present scenario, but its evidenced that the time is a progressive movement from my past dilemma and experiences. Its a time of 3, at present. Chaotic energy seeking to become assembled in a manageable way to accomplish something meaningful. That's how life is, it seems. We never arrive as there is no finish line. Once one settles it in their mind that every ascent is followed by a descent, one attains an acceptance of ongoing change and learns to traverse all changes with equanimity.

Sorry if that sounds a little preachy. Its only my personal observations.

Sometimes I think you're even more candid than me!



Jun 19, 1970
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Hi Angel thanks for your response. One things clear, you said "You know you cannot control the conflicts if you start working" - undeniably true.
Without wishing to sound grand, I believe my destiny does require me to be alone at this time.
All sorts of things are being born in my head, requiring very much going inward. Not really a behaviour that is understood or condoned in this society right now. It would be easier if it were.

Hi Candid, you seem very mellow (and poetic) lately. Well you give me hope as you seem to have hit bottom and found your way out. Right now I feel pulled to seclusion, getting more and more interested and drawn to world of spirit as opposed to world of 'being out there'. Funny as lately everytime i go out there in a heroic attempt to go back to jobs and way of life I had before, theres conflict. Often without me even saying anything LOL. Maybe Yi is counselling me to accept this time of withdrawal - returning to old pursuits only generates conflict. As you say somewhat like the message of 24.

Even more candid than you Candid ! Surely not
BTW the verse you wrote about the sun is going round and round in my head the way some songs do
If it persists I shall hold you personally responsible for planting it there
Love Louise

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