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How do I find solidarity to move forward consistently?


Oct 5, 2014
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[Hexagram 2.5.6>20]

I've asked many questions since, but the Yi appears to know that I've asked many questions, and I should perhaps stop asking questions and consider what is going on. That's why I've asked this question, so I can find ways to lay my mind to rest and just concentrate on what is. I see that in Hexagram 2, and in Hexagram 20. However, the moving lines confuse me -- the poem for line 6, in particular, says that yellow and black blood shall be spilt. What is that indicating?

I've also asked about what is the greatest advice the Yi could give me for avoiding error and maintaining the correct path. I received>33. So I asked what would happen if I indeed followed through and retreated and received:>39. But most importantly, I want to be able to further my character, so I asked if I would be able to further my character by retreating and received:>56. So I asked how I could best further my character and I received: 59.2>20, which at least looks significantly better than retreating for personal growth and that's what concerns me most. I know, I know. I ask too many questions. I think I'm going to stop after today; it's starting to overwhelm me, and I can see it in the answers I receive, too.

But to sort out this batch. In particular, when I ask the Yi these questions, I refer to my problems with my family, in which I understand that they are emotionally abusive and I seek to disentangle myself from these circumstances and transcend them to become someone who exists outside of this dynamic of familial emotional abuse. I'm really, really, really afraid of perpetuating this abuse in my life, and that's why I ask so many questions. I've been trying to set boundaries and say no when I mean no, with firmness, so retreat scares me. Because if I'm not setting boundaries, then how do I stop the cycle? What are these readings trying to tell me?
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You need to clear your inbox messages. I tried to reply, your box is full and not accepting anymore PM's. Your first couple of answers/readings look good to me, considering your situation. You are on the right path. Continue to nourish yourself, repair your well, and allow others to help.

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