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How to boost my confidence? Response--Hexagram 14 Unchanging


May 30, 2012
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I have always had a severe lack of confidence. I was just laid off from my job and am starting another as a Contractor for a former employer tomorrow. Any insight into what this response could mean as I am feeling very unsure of things right now.


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I like hex 14UC - it feels like a friend who is reassuring me when I am feeling a bit down - feeling like I have nothing to offer, nothing to give and feel as if I am going nowhere anywhere soon. It often pops up for me when I feel worthless about doing something and yet, hex 14 says - look at you, dont be daft, look at what you have.....or what you have to offer.

In your case whilst you maybe lacking in confidence right now, you have been offered a job - not bad really. Maybe the job you were in before was leading nowhere and this gives a respite period, I dont know the specifics, but the I Ching is sending a very large pot of tea for you and telling you that what you ahve right now is just fine.

When I get the no 14 in raffles, I tend to win something - I won a cake stand once. Another time I won an actual cake. I think this is why I always think of cake and tea with hex 14. Perhaps when we are feeling unsure, cake and tea isnt a bad thing - so the response in your case could be dont worry about your lack of confidence - look on the bright side a bit more.

Perhaps make a list of all the things you are good at and write them on pieces of paper and put them on the wall. Concentrate on your good points...dont worry about the not so good bits.

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