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i ching is best fortunetelling tool for the future


Oct 9, 2011
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earlier this year i consulted i ching i got message "make hay while the sun shines"=hexagram 20 by 8th month tide of misfortune begins so keep in mind when what month chinese new year began what i feared+dreaded came true & it turned out to be true! but tide of good fortune would not last and it did not.

"fate is like loaded dice you can give it your all but some things are out of our control and the outcome you hope for never happens" so free will is like an illusion. The future can be changed at any time as i ching implies but fate is factors beyond our control that also can determine outcomes. the i ching is the best sage like oracle if fate is not on your side you want to know how best to cope with unfavorable circumstances.

the i ching does not care about any questioners feelings =100% impartial adviser but a very good one. years ago 14 years ago i used to be quite fanatical about predictive arts but that has faded i only consult odd time=very rarely now but when i do look ahead i pay heed to what hexagrams i ching or cards in tarot i get etc and so should you

titania hardie or richard wilhelm are great read although i don t go as deep as the rest of you regarding the i ching keep in mind

if anyone wants to debate if there are better fortunetelling devices than i ching i disagree as the i ching is best fortunetelling method to use
some people think you should keep an i ching journal i find its daft to ask question most of the time unless its a sporting question because you may ask about ? topic but you toss the coins and hexagram speak of something else that something else is for a very good reason "meaningful coincidence applicable to the i ching"

The I-CHING is the best guide you ll ever have use it well but too much consulting diminishes the sage like golden advice it gives. if you toss the coins and get hexagram 44 then you are up against a bossy bad aggressive unjust woman i know this to be true from 2007-2008 a woman that chinese i ching texts advises a man not to marry or have anything to do with.
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