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I Ching Meditation 2 : The "Earth" Dimension


Nov 19, 2010
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Earth symbolizes an absolute state of rest; and Kun 2 describes a resting process that will take us to this state.

However as humans, we could never attain this ideal state. As such, earth then represents our most rested state; and Kun 2 defines this as when we are one with nature.

Kun 2 describes the interaction of two earthly states; one relaxed and the other tense.

Our natural heartbeat is an ideal relaxed state. Pairing this with a tense part of our body (headache, sore throat, tired body etc) will instantly activate the Kun 2 process.

Defining the two states in ways that are most natural to you is the key for a successful Kun 2 session. Another key factor is the ability to hold on to the two states simultaneously. Eventually Kun 2 will come alive and run its natural course as described in I Ching.

Kun 2 says :

1.Treading on hoarfrost. The strong will come.
Search and find the coolest spot. It is the beginning of a frosting trend.

2. Being straight, square and great. (Its operation), without repeated effort, will be in every respect advantageous.
A direct connection to the spot provides the best result effortlessly.

3. Keeping his excellence under restraint, but firmly maintaing it. If he should have occassion to engage in the king's service, though he will not claim the success, he will bring affairs to a good issue.
Contain the connection in a rhythm. By naturalizing the act, there will be some results even though it might not be entirely successful.

4. A sack tied up. There will be no ground for blame or praise.
Submerge totally into the naturalized rhythm.

5. It shows the yellow lower garment. There will be good fortune.
One with nature.

6. Dragons fighting in the wild. Their blood is purple and yellow.
It clears our true self of all earthly contamination.

Fruits for your thought:

1. Contemplating in the Earth dimension can be a very rich spiritual experience.
2. How deep could one transcend using the art of Kun 2 ?
4. How about using Kun 2 for healing, sleeping or calming down ?
5. Could Kun 2 be used for a reading ? Any other uses ?
6. Kun 2 could lead us back to nature, what could Qian 1 do then ?
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The earth I live on never rests, is always busy, changing through seasons, drought, flood, volcanoes, sink holes, oceanic tides and often unpredictable weather patterns.

The inert/stable/stubborn characteristics, sometimes attributed to earth, more fittingly belong to mountain, imo.

I would assert that the will of earth is to bring to fruition or completion the full potential of heaven, but that involves a great deal of activity. In 2.2, that activity appears to occur by itself, without effort, but it's not due to lack of work, only lack of worry over the outcome.


Nov 19, 2010
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An Evolutional Model

I Ching meditation is an evolutional process. Within a single session, changes would occur cyclically. The intensity of the next cycle is always building on the strength of the last cycle. The cycles could go on and on but the resistance for turning would also build up, as we stretch our spiritual boundaries. How many turns one could make is a direct measurement of how much one has evolved spiritually.

Forcing the turns would only generate negatively energy; just like friction produces heat. Besides practicing regularly, tuning into our Tao to boost up our cosmic energy is the most direct way of oiling the turnings. Collecting good karmic points by practicing the art of spiritual giving is another sure winner. Spiritual giving can be in any form, but the act must evoke a spiritual high but not an emotional high. The former boosts up our karmic points, and the latter only inflates our ego.

Evolution is a forward process. In other words, the next meditation session is always better than the last. If it is otherwise and the reason is not due to lack of practice, it is very likely that you have been trapped in a negative zone. Consult I Ching for the right oracle to meditate on.

Another point worth noting is that everyone has a unique energy composition, just like fingerprints. As such everyone would evolve along their own individual spiritual path. Comparing progress between individuals could then be misleading. Sharing of experiences is more enriching as it would help to widen our perspective.

Each cycle takes the shape of a normal curve : warming up - peaking - cooling down. I have been very faithful in carrying out the cosmic instruction. As such, I am not sure if there would be any negative side effects if one were to shortcut this process.

This evolutional model is my latest realization. Presently, I am in the process of reconstructing the 64 meditation models basing on this latest cosmic information. It is frustrating as I have to start all over again; but I am extremely excited about the prospect of having controls over my spiritual advancement.

Next we will put all these theoretical concepts to work in a typical Kun 2 meditation session.
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Nov 19, 2010
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Earthly Cell Version 2.0

In earthly cell version 1.0, a hot spot is anchored to a cold spot, to form a cooling path. The cell action is just to keep a watch on this cooling path, from an anchored base, the cold spot. The hot spot would then be cooled by natural means, repeatedly, until both spots merge as one sensation.

Natural means are spontaneous reactions of our body, without any conscious efforts from us. The natural means range from impulsive ventilating, yawning, burping, hyperventilating, coughing, vomiting, involuntary flow of tears, running noses, to even body jerking. I name this cell as Cold Anchor.

It is a very simple but effective way to relax your body. Unfortunately, how much we could cool down in one session is limted by the cold anchor. As a result, we can only progress by practising more frequently. Very frustrating, indeed. As such, earthly cell version 2.0 evolves with the speed of progress in mind.

Earthly cell version 2.0 uses a sinking cold anchor, to stretch the limits of coldness we can attain in one single session. The ultimate limit is set as ground zero, a point where our energy body will be set free. I name this cell as Ground Zero.

Ground Zero searches for a new cold spot at the end of each unit of Cold Anchor. It uses a "click" technique. It works by inducing a free-falling sensation, until something clicks : a new cold spot has been found! The hot spot is then re-anchored to this new cold spot. Attention is then shifted back to keeping watch on this new cooling path.

There are two possible actions here. One is to keep watching the cooling path until the two spots merge as one sensation; then only we start searching for the next cold spot. The other is to start the searching process at the end of each spontaneous reaction from our body.

Both work well; except that the second one has an added advantage of having a growing cooling momentum due to the frequent and rhythmic repetitions.

For details of a typical Kun 2 session, please refer to Spiritual Evolution-How It Works and The Paths Of Evolution in thread : I Ching Meditation 1:The Energy Model.

Here is a summary of events that you would probably experience when practising Kun 2 :

1. Keep repeating Ground Zero to drive through a cycle of Kun 2 interactions.
2. A cycle takes the shape of a normal curve : warming up - peaking - cooling down.
3. Kun 2 uses a wide varities of natural means to naturalize the cooling path.
4. Peaking is characterized by waves of spasms.
5. A cycle always ends in a state of calmness.

Here are a few tips for a better cooling experience :

1. If you are hit by waves of spasms, stop the cell actions and ride with them, until they subside.
2. Be anchored at the current cold spot at all times, even when under attacks.
3. Be soulful, just like the way you would sing a love song, when executing each unit of Ground Zero.
4. Be as focussed as a golfer, when searching for the next cold spot.
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