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Interpreting a dream about someone close


Dec 14, 2013
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I have had an on again off again relationship for a while with someone. Right now is the longest time we have been "off". She has issues but I love her and we would have heavy fights sometimes which usually were really just about her doing her best to push me away and me trying to defend myself. I have since learned that defending myself isn't the answer, just leads to escalation and am learning how to stay grounded around her and she also has been making a really good effort to avoid fights. She has slowly been asking me to hang out more and more lately, but we haven't quite gotten back together. Right now I have taken myself completely out of chase mode and have waited for her to initiate all contact as it is her almost always doing the pushing away.

So I had a dream the other night in which we got in a fight and she locked herself in the bathroom. This happened in a building or house I don't recognize in my awake state but may have in the dream. I think I was standing by the bathroom either trying to reason with her or just waiting for her to calm and come out. She said to stop bothering her, so I left to do other things(not sure what, it was a dream and I'm not sure I remember everything) After a while I decided I needed to check back on her(she had been quiet a while) I can't remember if I called to her or not, but I looked under the crack at the bottom of the door and saw her body on the ground and blood everywhere(yes in a dream one can see much more through a crack under the door than in real life). I thought suicide attempt in the dream but maybe she was just bleeding. This was when the dream became lucid and I had control of where it was going. So I broke down the door to use my belt(which seemed to materialize in the dream because I willed it) as a tourniquet, things were unclear after that, then I woke up before I knew what would happen next.

I really believe in dreams and have had dreams that came true in some form or another(including 2 years before we met a dream about her). So, I asked IC if this dream was suggesting I needed to take some course of action(either to prevent her really attempting suicide or maybe in the relationship). Got > 37

It's also possible that this dream was just summing up what has been going on lately and this fits the changing lines. Basically she pushes me away, then when I actually go she "bleeds" silently... Also suicide in dreams can represent the old person or old ways dying, so maybe it means things are changing between us.

What do you guys think? :bows:

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