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It started at Spring Equinox


Oct 21, 2011
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Could you good folks help me with a reading please?

It started at the Spring Equinox last year, it was hailing and rain and thunder and it seemed like the end of the world. But there was misfortune in the 8th month, and she needed to retile her well. And it is a year later now, and there is still the bond between us where when she got very upset last month, I felt her storm from hundreds of miles away.

There has also been some stirring in the depths of late, so I asked the Yi

"If she did want to spend more time with me - what would be best for me to do?"
(My friends think breaking up without giving closure very cruel.)>56
Well I do miss traveling with her a lot, we had many adventures last season.

Anyway, the inevitable question

" Is she done with me at this point - or is she actually coming back? ">31

Knowing my weakness on this issue, I could use some help with this reading. Seems a bit - optimistic?

There are things I am doing right now that are tremendously auspicious for the greater good, that had I been entangled with her I likely would not have been available to do. So I can see the Universe may have actually caused the situation because I was needed for something. But that could a nonrefundable cost too..

Anyway I would appreciate a little input. Thanks.

- LL

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Jul 26, 2011
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Hi LL, have enjoyed your take on others readings, here’s my couple cents…

"What would be best for me to do?">56

1.1 “He bides his time”
1.2 “Preserves his integrity”
1.5 “Each follows its own kind”
56 “Strange lands and separation are the wanderer’s lot.”

Imo, take a little more time to decide who you're truly meant to be, then you'll know...

" Is she done with me at this point - or is she actually coming back? ">31

58.1, 2, 3: Seems she’s a free spirit, maybe not as deep as your inner yearnings.
31: She’ll come back if you pursue her.

Same as above :)...

(W/B, Book I & III)
Dec 15, 2011
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Hey Stranger:), good to see you on Shared Readings. Sorry to hear about your heavy heart:hug:.

I think the Yi is more commenting about the emotion behind your question than weather or not this person is coming back. The imagery of the 2 lakes exchanging water suggests an exchange, and line 2 sounds like it is hinting at a return though. 31 suggests she is having some effect on you, and reflects your infatuation here. But, I think the Yi is suggesting you should not rely on this reunion for happiness or anything else. Rather, you can be happy even in her absence. Also, without full lakes to share, the exchange cannot occur anyway. At least, not without risk of drying each other out. Here is how I broke it down.

Line 1 You do not need this particular person to find what you are looking for, or anything outside yourself. You can get this inside yourself.

Line 2 Talks about sharing lifting someone up. I see this line suggests you talk with other people, and maybe talk about how you feel being separated from this lady. That getting together with some friends might lift your spirits. Could also be hinting at an exchange between the 2 of you, and could mean that she shares your heavy heart, and will also share your joy when you are reunited. Like you 2 are on the same wavelength here.

Line 3 This line suggests to me that you can have joy and contentment for no reason. Like the Yi is saying, you do not need to be happy because _____, just need to be happy. So, the Yi is talking about happiness as a state here, not a reaction.

So, is saying you do not need this person to refill your lake, or a reason to refill it, but get it full before you even consider sharing anything. And line 2 is tricky considering your question. Perhaps someone will have some experience with it they can share.

This is just my take on it, just some ideas I had when reading the lines. Which I've been reading anyway because they keep coming up for me too:).

I know you usually use Wilhelm, and I often use his translation too, but I used LiSe's translation for this one, and pasted it below. I've seen you use it on occasion as well, but I put it here for easy reference. I find hers much easier to understand for 58, so here it is:)

6 at 3: Expectant exchange, pitfall.
Happiness with a reason is not deep joy. If the reason falls away, the happiness disappears. The only real joy is in the heart, it is the result of inner strength and purity. If you need other people in order to be happy, to be mentally alive, to fill your days, then you do not live yourself.
(Changes to hex.43)

9 at 2: Inspiring confidence in exchanging, auspicious. Regrets go away.
Deep and relaxed exchange makes all heaviness go away. Talking or even only feeling the others presence puts everything in perspective. A shared heavy heart weighs only half as much, a shared happy one is twice as happy.
(Changes to hex.17)

Initial 9 : Harmonious exchange, auspicious.
Inner contentment, not needing anything from outside, is the base of freedom. You find your power within yourself. Making a true and good contact with others is only possible when this inner freedom exists.
(Changes to hex.47)


Oct 21, 2011
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Thanks. Yes, there are still strings between us, and she is distantly pulling on them. And it took quite a while before she actually went out with me the first time, I knew day one ie would take time. I do have a sense there is yet more to the book than has been written so far. We will see.
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