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law issues and standing for oneself,


Jan 4, 1972
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i have a few questions, relating to an upcoming court case (pre-trial) on friday.
(i didn't write them down so i will try and write them as accurately as i can~)

what if i stand in court on my own?
60.6 -> 61
is this saying i should not put too many constrictions on my inner truth, to relax and not be too defensive? to not be too harsh or bitter?
or is it saying that i am being stubborn?

what if i get legal representation?
56.6 -> 62
karcher says don't be afraid to act alone... ?

what is the worst that can happen if i represent myself?
12.1.3 -> 13

what is the best that can happen if i represent myself?
10 unchanging

so because of conflicting advice (not necessarily the i ching, nor over this specific question) and overload of information and influences from all corners i take a deep breath and i articulate the following:

question 1:
i am considering representing myself in court without a lawyer, humbly and genuinely, seeking a dialogue with calm inner truth that will face adversity with simplicity, uprightness and dignity. what is the i chings comment on this?
19.1 -> 7
is this suggesting that through approaching in the right manner, i will find allies in the court itself? that i need an organised approach? that i'm on the right track?

question 2
pretty much everyone who i have spoken about this to (friends, family) have strongly advised me that i should seek legal representation rather than stand on my own, that it would be foolish to do otherwise, what is the i chings counsel on their thoughts?
6.4 -> 59
dispersing arguments? retreat peacefully from their advice? or is it that i should follow their advice? is it saying that this is something that i can't win anyway so best to withdraw and move on? (i say this partly also because of 60.6 which in one translation i have mentions stubborness, but maybe i undermine myself)

two other readings on the same issue which came earlier on in the day:
what inner attitude do i need to focus on?
64.1.3 -> 14

and later this evening, what way is the tao flowing with regards to this situation , that i should meditate on?
64.5 -> 6

brief background info, the offense is minor and i have never been arrested before so the most i would get is a fine and a blight on my record. most people pay the fine, accept the criminal record, and are done with it, and those that do contest rarely win their cases apparently, i can think of a number of reasons why this might be so. but in principle i don't want to just roll over and accept that because i didn't act criminally, nor offensively, and i don't think it is fair. at the same time i'm not out to 'get' anyone, simply i don't feel the system as it is at the moment is right.
i am very tired and should rest now, i will check on this tomorrow and write more if i can.

lastly though, one last question before i go to bed,
given my current state of being and the way the tao is moving through my life at the moment how realistic is it that representing myself will have a positive outcome?
35 unchanging

thanks for taking the time to see this ... and for any comments ...

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