...life can be translucent


Let the meaning come in it's own way



When You get an answer from the I write down the short text on a peace of paper that You can carry with You. Take this (call it The Judgement if taken from a newer layer) text up and read it now and then - even if You don't understand it at all - and the meaning will slowly show up to You. It (the text) speaks to a deeper consciousness lying within You.


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May 29, 2006
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Yes it does. I woke in the middle of the night a few days ago needing to use the bathroom and as I went to the bathroom, sleepily, I suddenly understood a reading I'd received well over a year ago.

How did that happen ? I was half asleep, I wasn't analysing anything, I just understood. I'd carried it for a long time, not wholly understanding not minding not understanding and the meaning, (by which I mean the significant message to me not 'the meaning' in an abstract sense) revealed itself in a sleepy trip to the bathroom. It's all going on on a deeper level of consciousness and you needn't understand right away.


There are many ways to learn a foreign language. One of those I learned were called The natural Way. The teacher started speaking only in that language and it seemed that the trick were to pretend that I did understood it because those words I at first hand didn't understood appeared again but in other combinations and in that way opened up the meaning of them to me. All those strange words were stored up in my memory and when I later were confronted with them but in another context I slowly started to understand.
The I Ching is likewise a foreign strange language and there are likewise many ways to learn it - one of those could be called The natural Way ie. likewise just reading the text over again and again but avoiding to be blocked or stopped when phrases not understandable appears; these phrases will later show up in other combinations/contexts and show themselves in a gradually clearer light.....
(hmmm. maybe I didn't succeeded learning english in the natural way back then ?)
But I hope the core of it is understandable.


Nov 16, 2016
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Yes, I agree, and will only add that as you said there are lots of ways to learn and to understand what the Yi is saying to us.

I have a set of 'steps' and things I usually use in approaching a reading or query. But in doing so, I'm hopefully still leaving lots of room to actually hear the response - and sometimes the response comes from 'outside' the box so to speak.

For example, I had one reading where the trigrams Thunder above, Fire below immediately struck me as what was going on with the person I was asking about: that this person was hiding or protecting a deep wound, and one way she was doing this was by acting in a very forceful and shocking way in the world. (There were also moving lines and a resulting hexagram, which I won't go into here.)

Even now, I can't say what the hexgram name or text is. And though my take on this is based on some of the 'traditional' meanings assocated with the trigrams - where thunder is shocking, and where fire has been described as a turtle, with it's two hard outer shells protecting its soft insides - the way in which I put these together felt more immediate and intuative.

And maybe next time, I'll have to write it down and sleep/dream on it ... or get an answer mainly from the oracle and line text, or from some combination of all of these.

Best, David.

PS - as an afterthought, it seems that this thread would not be out of place in Exploring Divination ....
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