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Letter of Recommendation: 30.3.5 to 25, 18.6 to 46, 47.5 to 40


Oct 26, 2018
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I am applying for a Masters's. The colleges I apply to require me to have three letters of recommendation. I already have two: one from one of my Marketing professors, another from a Japanese professor. I still need one, which I choose my Calculus professors to write one. Since making the request a few days ago, the professor still hasn't responded. I am also thinking about having one of the philosophy professors.

What hasn't my Calculus responded back to me regarding the letter of recommendation? 30.3.5 Clarity (The Clinging) to 25 Without Entanglement (Innocense; The Unexpected).
Hex 30: Clarity. Constancy bears fruit. Creating success. Raising female cattle is good fortune.
Line 3: In the clear light of the setting sun, If not beating a pot and singing, Then you will be making the lament of great old age. Pitfall.
Line 5: Weeping tears like flowing streams, Sad as if in mourning. Good fortune.
Hex 25: Without entanglement. Creating success from the source, constancy bears fruit. One who is not upright commits blunders, And it is fruitless to have a direction to go.
Is it saying the professor hasn't thought about it (line 3) and that it is not going to work (line 5), where he will have to pass (hex 25)?

Will the Calculus professor write the letter of recommendation? 18.6 Corruption (Work on what has been spoiled; Decay) to 46 Pushing Upward.
Hex 18: Corruption. Creating success from the source. Fruitful to cross the great river. Before the seed day, three days. After the seed day, three days.
Line 6: No business with kings and lords, Honouring what is highest is your business.
Hex 46: Pushing upward, creating success from the source. Make use of seeing great people. Do not worry. Set forth to the south, good fortune.
Is it saying the professor wouldn't do it (line 6) but will consider (hex 46)?

Will the Philosophy professor write the letter of recommendation? 47.5 Confined (Oppression; Exhaustion) to 40 Release (Deliverance).
Hex 47: Confined, creating success. Constancy of a great person, good fortune. Not a mistake. There are words, not trusted.
Line 5: Nose cut, feet cut, oppressed by the crimson sashes. Then moving slowly brings release. Fruitful to use offerings and oblations.
Hex 40: Release. Fruitful in the southwest. With no place to go, To turn round and come back is good fortune. With a direction to go, Daybreak, good fortune.
Is it saying the professor is reluctant at first (line 5) but will do so (hex 40)?

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