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Nov 28, 1971
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Hi all,

My life about 4 years ago started to change quite dramatically, I went through a series of financial, personal and job (the big three) issues, I resorted to the Iching and so far 4 years later I feel like a different person, more confident than ever before

I am 36 and during the last year I had a desire to move into the Holistic Therapy space, I have managed to do quite a bit of work for the Council and have some regular clients coming to see me for treatments, so far i'm on the right track.

This is in a addition to my full time job. I realise that massage alone will not fill up my tool kit and have had some time to consider my options and have for numerous years considered acupuncture, but have always been afraid of the commitment, I want to do acupuncture as this is becoming main stream and my passion for holistic treatments is getting stronger and I feel that by 40 I will be ready to slow down my main job and start to transition and build up my own clinic.

This is my dream - to have a successful practise. (I have a dream?? )

However I need to be real, all dreams come at a price, this will be quite costly and time intensive (3 year course)

However I feel determined to do this more now that in the past as I feel my dreams are within reach.

I asked :

What could I expect as a financial return if I studied acupuncture?

I got

28. Ta Kuo / Preponderance of the Great changing @ 2 & 5

This gave Hex 31

This gave Hex 32

The relating hexagram as: 62

This will be one of the biggest changes I will make and could do with guidance from anyone who can assist.



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