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Literal Experience with 43 UC, leading to 14 UC


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Nov 10, 2017
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Just sharing to help those like myself when I’m trying to understand a problem in a different way. This reading was so literal it helped me gain insight into the hexes. Situation: I needed my book on July 25 in NY for a book signing. There was an issue with my book causing several delays with the printer/publisher. After a last ditch effort to get my books in time I was given a firm but apologetic sorry. Not going to happen. I cried and cried lol. Then asked Yi why? To which he replied 43UC ? It confused me. Did that mean the printer was still deciding, still trying to find a solution? Or does it mean that’s the decision. Suck it up, decide a plan B? I asked for clarification. YI replied . For me this was clear. The publisher was sweet talking the printer trying to make miracles happen. I didn’t believe it it. 10 hours passed. I got an email saying all errors fixed (this was yesterday July 22). I asked will I have my books? YI says 14UC. Turns out yes. My books have shipped. In fact there was a double order placed. I not only the original amount I ordered but twice as many. Indeed I will be in great Possession of a number of books. Yay! Btw my printing turnaround of 3 days in itself is a miracle. This includes shipping.

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