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Money question: > 8 and 59.3.4 > 44


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Aug 1, 2016
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So I've been asking Yi about money -- how to get it -- for a while and I feel like it's been playing coy -- giving me rather ambiguous answers that I don't understand. I'm considering how to branch off with various options, including starting a business, a nonprofit, getting a job... or maybe something else.

Today I asked again about money and it gave me Youthful Folly > 8 Union.

.2: “The second line, dynamic, shows its subject exercising forbearance with the ignorant, in which there will be good fortune; and admitting even the goodness of women, which will also be fortunate. He may be described also as a son able to sustain the burden of his family.
.5: “Childlike folly brings good fortune.
.6: “In dealing with youthful immaturity, there is nothing to be gained from doing what is wrong. Advantage lies in preventing wrong."

.2 makes some sense in my broader ventures, which I view as trying to help the greater human community, and so that requires tolerance of many different kinds of personalities. But I don't see how that helps me with money. And I don't quite see how the other lines relate. I'm certainly a beginner with respect to making money... so in that sense the hex makes sense. But still, I didn't see what it was telling me to do. The gentleness and docility recommended by 4.5 -- I'm not sure how that applies to me. And I haven't really been in the business of punishing myself or anyone else for any transgressions in this sphere, so again, I'm not sure how 4.6 applies.

So I asked Yi to clarify and/or restate its answer in another way which I might understand better.
And I got
59.3.4 Dispersion > 44 Coming to Meet
.3: “He dissolves his self. No remorse.”
.4: “He disperses his group of companions [Namely a group of people who have proved themselves inimical to the public good] -- sublime good fortune! Dispersion leads to accumulation, but this is not something that ordinary people understand.”

So here the comparisons to the previous reading are clear. There is the broad-minded, tolerant nature of 4.2 being echoed in 59.4. There is the gentle, docile, submissive nature of 4.5 echoed in 59.3. And the link of the counterintuitive to the success is given in both 4.6 and 59.4 (though it’s tempting to over-punish, that’s not the way to success; though it may seem strange, through dispersion, one accumulates).

Ok, but I’m still not sure how to apply these lessons concretely. Any ideas?


Jul 5, 2008
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Your questions are quite vague, but here are some thoughts.

I asked again about money and it gave me > 8
4.2 says that a young person is capable of looking after a household, but 4.5 says that this person should seek advice from someone more mature. 4.6 shows that the young person is quite naive, and the more mature person should not be too harsh on them. 8 shows both (the young and the mature) 'living' (coexisting) close together.

I asked Yi to clarify and/or restate its answer in another way which I might understand better 59.3.4 > 44
If you dissolve yourself (59.3) and you also dissolve your group (59.4), you'll run into trouble (44).

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