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not sure I understand, does it mean he is..


Feb 11, 2013
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is he in love with me

Your reading resulted in the following hexagrams:
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28 29
Hexagram 28, Great Exceeding

Key Questions

What is overloaded?
What have you outgrown?
What must you do?

‘Great Exceeding, the ridgepole warps.
Fruitful to have a direction to go.
Creating success.’

When you exceed something, you cross over a line and make a transition. The traditional Chinese house has a structure like an old-fashioned tent: uprights support a horizontal ridgepole, and all the weight of roof and walls is suspended from there. Here, the ridgepole’s limits have been exceeded; the supporting framework is no longer adequate to the weight it’s asked to bear.

This means stress, and also a greatness of spirit and purpose that goes beyond the scope of the situation. It is fruitful to have a direction to go, to reach out imaginatively and explore. Since things cannot hold up as they are, there must be movement.

‘The lake submerges the tree: Great Exceeding.
A noble one stands alone without fear,
Withdraws from the time without sadness.’

Great Exceeding follows from Hexagram 27, Nourishment:
‘With no nurturance, it is not possible to act, and so Great Exceeding follows.’
Changing Lines
Line 3

‘The ridgepole buckles.
Line 4

‘The ridgepole at its peak, good fortune.
If there is more, shame.’

Hexagram 29, Repeating Chasms

Key Questions

What are you sure of in your heart when nothing else is sure?
How can you flow on and through the dark?

‘Repeating chasms.
There is truth and confidence.
Holding your heart fast creates success.
Movement brings honour.’

These are pits, where you fall into the deep, dark waters, flowing on into the swirling unknowable dark. The chasms repeat: there is no detour that would take you round them, so you must practise and learn the way of these deep places.

First, there must be truth and confidence: truth to the present moment (because this is simply how it is) and trust in your inner knowing, so you can be unreservedly present, with an unshakable grasp on the essential core. In these deep waters, there is nothing solid out there to hold on to – no external security, no way to orient yourself – and so you hold fast to your heart. This is a way to create success, staying in communication with creative source even in the chasm.

In movement, you find a different kind of security – one that depends on your heart, courage and commitment. This is the truest test of your convictions, when you have no way of knowing where your leaps of faith might land. Sitting in the bottom of the chasm does not bring honour; action does. Also, it’s a way to be sure of yourself as an individual after everything else has fallen away. You act, and you become skilled in flowing through the steep-sided chasms.

‘Waters flow on and reach the end: Repeating Chasms.
A noble one acts with constant character and teaches things by repeating.’

Repeating Chasms follow from Hexagram 28, Great Exceeding:
‘Things cannot end with excess, and so the Chasm follows. The Chasm means falling.’

Repeating Chasms are paired and contrasted with Hexagram 30, Clarity:
‘Clarity is above, the chasm is below.’


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Feb 7, 1970
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Is he in love with me?
28.3.4 > 29

See if the ridgepole gets braced this Valentine's Day.


Dec 27, 2012
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I can't say I know these hexes very well, but the stuff about deep dark waters almost sounds like a leap of faith? Or like it's gonna get rough but if you hold fast what your heart tells you, you will make it ok?


Jul 5, 2008
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I'll totally agree with pocossin on this one, he needs to brace up the ridgepole ;)
To add a comment of my own, the guy's got personal issues.
Either psychological, or physiological, or both.
Whatever problem exists between you at the moment will keep recurring.
He does have feelings for you, but his personal issues are a bit too heavy and dangerous.
Let's just hope for the best - according to 29, sincerity wins the day.

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