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Only (those as) children will enter heaven's kingdom God's realm (#4 -> #59)


Jul 10, 1971
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I love Cayce's thought of co-creation, and that you can make a contract with god, if its done with the intention of helping others (it can also help ourselves, though, thats the good part
In that sense, he says, we shouldnt ask "God, how can I get what I want?" (which Ive done too many times), but instead "God, what do you want me to be and do?" or "God, what can I give to others?".
Since those big questions are those I repeat most from time to time, I asked that same question (version 2
) last sunset, and what should I focus my energies on, for the next couple of months. Actually I already knew the answer (so the Yi pulled my ears a little with #4), I just felt in such a good mood that I thought I had to take advantage to throw the coins.
So I got #4, Youth foolishness, with line 5 moving "Childlike folly brings good fortune.". Appart from #4 always being a little harsh on the text, I think its very favorable, and I feel somehow reborn by it. It changes to #59 (big grin: like I didnt knew), and there it becomes that line Im after, the "great stimulating idea" that will bring "true salvation". I know this idea has to come from myself (#20,3) and it probabbly will take its time (-> #53), but if any of you guys wanna take me a hexagram asking what it is, I'd be most grateful, and it may "resonate" in my brain, cause I know the damn thing is ready to burst any minute. Thats part of my need to talk to other I Ching nuts (no offense)

As for this line in #4, I cant make more of the childlike reference, but becoming pure like a child, when we havent yet developed such narrow views: we arent born with an ego, its something we build with age... This goes well with my efforts to purify myself (#35 in the sense of letting your pure light raise above the soil that was tainting it, #25 in the sense of acting in god's will, doing good with zero expectations, just for the sake of it), fasting, yoga, gratitude, etc.

Btw, I dont wanna pose as a pure chap, Im concerned with purity exactly cause I feel myself so impure! Ive done many wrongs in my life, lost track several times, and am constantly strugling with myself to become free of all my "bad side".

Anyway, I loved this answer, and I think I wont be casting for a long time, so settled are my emotions at this point. But I'd apreciate your input. Any thoughts anyone? This young fool would love to hear your views


Hey Pedro!

From one Ching nut to another, I was smiling while reading your post here as I just finished one in the kindergarten thread, which seemed strikingly similar.

I had my perception of 4 stretched by Hilary awhile back. Perhaps it was my extra punitive upbringing which led me to project a negative view of 4. Now, I'm grateful when I receive it because I know there is a teacher available to learn from, and with whose help I will become more complete.

I also find similarities in your thoughts about 25 that I (poorly) tried to express in a thread here a short while back. It reminds me of the tune, Woodstock: "..and I've got to get myself back to the garden."


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