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Option A? Option B? Both Hex 24!


Feb 8, 2012
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Hello everyone,

I've been planning on moving from my hometown for quite awhile, but I've been have been feeling very unsure about how to go about doing it. It would be a totally new adventure. The other factor is there is a person whom I have a strong soul bond with but we've kind of gone our separate ways for the time being. But she is also moving in a few weeks (to a different state than where I'm moving) but would be passing through my hometown on her there. So I asked for option A to stay here and get a chance to see her before I move or option B to just focus on moving asap without getting to see her.

Option A: Hexagram 24 unchanging
Option B: Hexagram 24.2.4 > 54

On a related reading, a few days before I did this one (which I did today), I asked...
How should I approach my relationship with her right now? Hexagram 24.3.4 > 55

In reading more about this hexagram today, I'm wondering if this is all try to tell me to just go on my own path and not get involved with the path of others right now... but I'm a bit unsure of what exactly my path is at the moment.
Any other thoughts? Thank you.

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