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Please help Hex 48 +1+4+6 => 1


Aug 10, 2006
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Our family has been going through a very tough few months and I have been trying hard to keep the family together for the sake of my little boy. When I feel that there is a distinct possibility of our family breakup, I asked the I Ching what is likely to happen, I got Hex 48 +1+4 + 6=>1.

I also asked what can I do to improve the situation, I got 29 +3+4=>28

I do not trust my intepretation as I am bound to be subjective. I would appreciate any help in intepreting these reading. I have never encountered hex 1 and am completely lost.

Many thanks



Jan 14, 1970
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Hi Modesty. I will give it a try for you. I know I can get too subjective with my own readings...

As to the first question, the first thing that struck me were the three changing lines and how you mention three people in the family... it seems to relate in some way to each person. For example line one seems to hint at your little boy, as line one has less power in the situation, yet is at the root of it. It seems to imply by its being yin that the conflict is affecting him and he is aware of it or feeling it. First thing is to make sure the conflicts do not take place near him or that he doesn't sense it, or talk to him about it if he is old enough. The fourth and sixth lines are you and your husband. The fourth line is in the heart of things, while the sixth is already more removed, and so it leads me to wonder if one of you is more actively trying to rescue the situation than the other, perhaps one of you sees the possibility of it ending and the other doesn't even want to consider that yet. If you are aware of this, that can be to your benefit. Also, with the strong and correct fifth line right in between, it seems to say that you both have someone to turn to, a place to go for true help. You are probably aware of that already, but it is worth commenting on and exploring together. So it may be worth considering... is that person present in this situation, do you recognize that person and will you avail yourselves of their help?

The outer trigram water births the inner wood, so the image is not an overly destructive one, but it could be that too strong of water on too fragile of wood can be harmful, like overfeeding a plant. It's more like something needs to be re-balanced, while one aspect of the relationship needs nurturing, the other needs some limitation or discipline. It's almost like the situation has become stagnant in the family ... Fire can cut back water and dry soaked wood... Li is the trigram of fire, and often represents heightened activity, movement and clarity. Once again, why not make a move to get some clarity from someone you both know and trust to help you, like a great friend or family member?

The final hexagram is the trigram heaven doubled. Its element is metal. This is a very strong situation, and it is a 6 strike hexagram. I think it means you have to be very careful, because the tendency will be to push each other away with great emotional force. This strength of character can be harnessed, however, to work as a very strong team. With both trigrams being the same, you have the ability to be like-minded and united, and make a very strong family. It is like two very good friends. But you cannot push each other away, and this may be both of your natural tendencies.

I hope this helps. I hope you and your family can work things out in a loving and peaceful way.



Jun 18, 2006
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" I asked the I Ching what is likely to happen, I feel that there is a distinct possibility of our family breakup I got Hex 48 +1+4 + 6=>1."

There is indeed a very good chance of a family breakup.

"I also asked what can I do to improve the situation, I got 29 +3+4=>28"

Hex 29.3 says that you cannot escape from your problem, you are stuck for the moment, and must wait for a way out to appear.

Hex 29.4 be honest, be sincere, do your very best to help out with the situation, hopefully she will see what you are trying to achieve and respond.

Hex 28 your situation is out of balance and near breaking point,, now is the time to make a plan and take positive action to save your relationship, even though you feel alone don't worry, use your diplomatic skills on your wife and you should be successful. Some changes will have to be made to get your relationship back online but it should all come out good in the end.

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