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Potential home oppertunity


Mar 19, 2014
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Hello dear iching friends!

I am looking for some help in terms of a potential apartment which i am crossing my fingers for.
A little back story:

Found an apartment this morning which was posted online at the same time.
Called the owner, immediately went to see the apartment, fell in love with the place. Nice and big, good price. Would love to live there. Owner was an old friendly man of about 70. We clicked well professionally. He liked me, I liked him. However I have a feeling he is skeptical about me. I'm a proper, serious, non drinking, non party, non drug individual who is serious in his work. (Plus he was surprised I looked younger for my age -being 32). After visiting the apartment, I told him I would call back tonight to give him a reply. Immediately I went to see my social assistant to double check my paperwork. It's all go for the first rent, deposit etc, I could even pay him 3 months upfront if he wanted to (in the idea of assuring him that I am a liable person) but refused kindly in the professional sense as all that matters to him is that the deposit and first month rent can be done.

After calling him I kinda felt he didn't take me serious, and blurted out that his mother is hospitalized, and was lax about everything, and I could not help but feel he was like: "This guy seriously wants my apartment, and has all the paperwork to prove it, including deposit and 1st month rent?!" So, while having my fingers crossed firmly in the hope of getting the apartment. I tossed some coins.

His position: 12.3 33
What is the likelihood of me getting the apartment. 29.6 59
What is "wrong"? 58.4.5 19

12.3 Admitting one's lack of results. They bear shame. Unworthiness.
Results, I have! Does he think I am unworthy for the apartment? Or doesn't trust me? Or I was beyond his expectations and feels ashamed about it and is in "retreat".

29.6 59 When it is too tiring, one can stop and resume later.
Hmm, this could be me maybe, pressing on too much to get the apartment asap?

58.4.5 19 I honestly think Iching is telling me to stop focusing so much on this 'problem' as it could drain me.

However I am trying to find some certainty of getting this apartment. I could be worrying too much for no reason and get the apartment anyway.

Anyway, either friday or sunday I will see the guy who will review the documents with me. So... fingers crossed I suppose. I do hope he accepts me! Although I can't seem to find it in the lines. Except for maybe 19 as which "could" be positive?

Thank and bless you all.


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Jun 3, 2006
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Yeah, stop worrying about it. Maybe ask the I Ching, "What is 'right'?"


Mar 19, 2014
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Yeah, I kinda thought so. Thanks rosada for helping my identify that. Weirdly i didn't feel as if I was worrying, maybe some other feeling I couldn't identify that Iching pointed back to me. However, on your advice, indeed I asked. And got some very interesting results! 43

46.1 - One is going to seek elsewhere.

46.4 - One wants to organize themself to build a relationship of trust.

46.5 - Before continuing, one asks if the stage is completed.

1. Concentrate on the now? Or look for a different appartment? 4. Build a level of more trust with the owner? 5. I guess this would me waiting for him to 'set the stage' for me to move in. 43, revolution, as the word itself implies.

Hope I understood the lines well.


Based on:
What is "wrong"? 58.4.5 19

Well, your line is clashing the apartment line. There may be problem with the apartment.
Apartment line has Image of Chou, something hidden, connected to water/danger.

About getting it... Your line is strong, in combination with the officer line, it may work out... But it may not be very good idea for the future.
Maybe if you check the place(more inspections etc) may be able to find out if there is a problem.

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