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Pursuing the Masters of Arts in East Asian Studies: 28.4.5 to 46 and 25.1.6 to 45


Oct 26, 2018
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One of my marketing professors recommended me to pursue the MA in East Asian Studies due to my interest. She saw that I am a Japanophile, where I listen to Enka and am interested in Japanese pop culture.

What will happen during my graduate studies? 28.4.5 Great Exceeding (Preponderance of the Great) to 46 Pushing Upward.
Hex 28: The lake submerges the tree: Great Exceeding. A noble one stands alone without fear, Withdraws from the time without sadness.
Line 4: The ridgepole at its peak, good fortune. If there is more, shame.
Line 5: Withered willow sprouts flowers, Venerable woman gets an upright husband. No blame, no praise.
Hex 46: Centre of the earth gives birth to wood: Pushing Upward. A noble one with patient character Builds up small things to attain the high and great.
Is it saying that I will do really well (line 4), where I will excel in the program (line 5), where I will be able to get a good career (line 46)?

What will I be doing after getting my Master's degree? 25.1.6 Without Entanglement (Innocense, The Unexpected) to 45 Gathering (Massing).
Hex 25: Below heaven, thunder moves. All things interact Without Entanglement. The ancient kings, with abundant growth in accord with the seasons, nourished the ten thousand things.
Line 1: Without entanglement, Going on, good fortune.
Line 6: Without entanglement, Acting brings blunders. No direction bears fruit.
Hex 45: Lake higher than the earth: Gathering. A noble one sets aside weapons and tools, and warns against the unexpected.
It is saying that I will be able to pursue my career (line 1), however, it can be disastrous (line 6), wherein the end I will work with others (hex 45)?

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