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Question about 39 to 23 and 41 to 14


Dec 21, 1970
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I was in a relationship with a woman for a while and now she is "seeing' someone else. I feel she wants more from him, but he is slow to react. Anyway, I cast a few questions on the issue and came up with a few interesting hexagrams.

I asked what would become of us in 2 months and received hexagram 41 with lines3 and 4 moving into hexagram 14. I asked what would become of them and got 39 with lines 3, 5 and 6 moving into hexagram 23. I then asked what he sees in her and got hex. 41 with lines 3 and 4 moving into 14. I have some ideas on these but am a bit unclear on 14. 41 is obvious as it relates to me. And 39 and 23 I think should be taken a bit in the esoteric sense in that their relationship seems to be heading toward a commitment from what I can see. What do you guys gather?

I'm also on the fence about continuing a friendship with her. I care a great deal, but it obviously kills me to see her with another man. She seems to want me in her life, but i feel for selfish reasons, ie to supplement the love and attention she isn't getting fom the new cat with the love and attention I gave/give. I consulted the I Ching on this and got (why she is apparently trying to keep me in her life) and got 24 with lines 1 and 4 moving to create 16. Its interesting, but this is a difficult situation in that I don't like having one foot in and one foot out of her life since her loyalties have shifted. Insight would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks


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Sep 15, 1970
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Karcher says about 39 ?re-imagine your situation?, to me that sounds as if her relation with the other man is not the perfect thing for her. And 23 is about getting to the core of things, seeing what is really in or behind it. My idea is that is will not be a lasting relation.

Decrease, 41, is an empty sacrificial vessel, with two hands joined like in supplication: having nothing left to offer as sacrifice to make the gods bestow their blessings on you. But 14 is another drawing of a hand, one that ?has? or ?gives?. One of its meanings is blessings from heaven. Big blessings. But these blessings depend on your own power. Something like ?God helps who helps himself?.
Did I understand right that you got exactly the same reading when you asked about his feelings for her? Maybe your and his forces equal each other or something like that?

24 is returning to the road which is your tao, or retracing it over and over again, like sun and planets always retrace their road. Changing to 16, enthusiasm, sharing of images, seeing omens, signs, inspire each other. I think you should not withdraw. Stay a friend (stay who you are) and give her a chance to come back to you.

I am not good at giving advice to others, so please don?t take this as some kind of prescription, only as ideas to think about.


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