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Read the Future Night: 43>29 and 54>40


Oct 26, 2018
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On 2/24, I had attended a psychic community's read the future night where the community use meditation to come up with predictions. Usually, my predictions are short and have one picture in mind. This time is the first time half of my predictions are Capcom's Mega Man franchise plans. As mentioned before, this year is Mega Man Battle Network's 20th anniversary which will commence three weeks from now. I saw that producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya will announce the BN legacy collection from now till the end of March. Capcom will release BN figurines this coming August, and Capcom will release the BN legacy collections in February of next year.

Why did I have many Mega Man psychic predictions on 2/24? Deciding/Break-through/Resoluteness/Displacing/Removing/Determination to 29 Repeating Chasms/The Abysmal/Water/Encountering Danger/Defile/A Perilous Cavity.
43.1 refers to going forward with success.
43.3 refers to cutting ties from his friends and associates and being myself.
43.4 refers to going forward with difficulty.
Is it saying that I am picking my path (43) that it will cause me to go around and in circles (29)?

How accurate are my psychic predictions? 54.1 The Marrying Maiden to 40 Release/Deliverance/Difficulty Removed.
54.1 refers to my predictions being partially true.
Is it saying that some predictions are inaccurate (54) but will come to fruition (40)?

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