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Jun 3, 2006
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We have a tradition at our house to celebrate New Year's as if we are looking back from the perspective of already having completed the year. Thus, instead of saying, "In 2010 I resolve to make better food choices," we say, "I'm so glad that in 2010 I made such better food choices!" It's fun and silly and gets us all happy and laughing and feeling successful from the start.This year I decided to consult the I Ching as if I were talking to my Future Self and asked, " Rosada of 12 31, 2010, what would be the most helpful resolution for me to make now on Jan. 1?"
I got a very personal clear response - as clear as me talking to myself - so I thought I'd recommend the idea here in case anyone cares to try a similar question.


Nov 20, 2009
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thank you so much for this consulting suggestion, it's very cute!
and the "game" about what one did in the next year is very good too: you noticed that as kids we use saying "now we make that we were on an island/ at the mountain/ in a cave..." and it suddenly works: the kingdome is there at once.
i still can remember for instance crocodiles around my aunt' sofa, we always managed to escape from them...:rolleyes:

it seems to me that when we speak in past tense, it is quicker for our "system" to record this or that thing as almost done, just a small step to go through it completely; that's why someone suggests to use this formula for praying: "thanks for it has been already done that..." what one wishes. if one prays.

rosada, i didn't want to cut into technical pieces what you spoke about, i was simply underlying truth in your familiar new year celebration.:) and i thank you for having shared it here.

i think i'm going right now to Yi, talking about this past 2010...:):bows:

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