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Oct 26, 2018
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There are two events that happened recently. The first one was that the Senate choose to acquit Trump, making the US closer to becoming a dictatorship. A tarot card reader in Australia said that democracy will not die but rather change overtime.

How will democracy evolve? 39.1.5 Limping (Obstruction) to 36 Brightness Hidden (Darkening of the Light).
Hex 39: Above the mountain, there is water: Limping. A noble one turns himself around to renew his character.
Line 1: Going on, limping; coming back, praise.
Line 5: Greatly limping; partners come.
Hex 36: Brightness enters the earth's centre: Brightness Hidden. A noble one, overseeing the crowds, uses darkness and light.
Is it saying that people will support it (line 5) and people will appreciate it (line 1), where leaders will understand the balance between the both opposing side of government (hex 36)?

Another one is that I started my application to Rutgers in New Jersey. I can be conferred with the degree in a year and can stay at home as the commuter is about an hour or so and the Northeast Corridor trains operate frequently.

What are my chances of getting into Rutgers University? Blocked (Standstill, Stagnation) to 7 The Army.
Hex 12: Heaven and earth do not interact: Blocked. A noble one uses his strengths sparingly to avoid hardship. He does not allow himself honours and payment.
Line 2: Embracing the charge. Small people, good fortune. Great people, blocked. Creating success.
Line 4: There is a mandate, no mistake. Work with clarity, fulfilment.
Line 5: Resting when blocked. Great person, good fortune. It is lost, it is lost! Tie it to the bushy mulberry tree.
Line 6: Overturning the block. Before, blocked. Afterwards, rejoicing.
Hex 7: In the centre of the earth is a stream: the Army. A noble one accepts the people and gathers together crowds.
Since there are many changing lines, I will only interpret the changing hexagrams. Is it saying that there is a group of people standing in front of the campus (line 7) preventing me from getting in (hex 12)?

How well will I do at Rutgers University? Inner Truth to 8 Seeking Union (Holding Together).
Hex 61: Above the lake is the wind: Inner Truth. A noble one deliberates over legal proceedings and delays executions.
Line 1: Guided, good fortune. There is another, no peace.
Line 2: Calling crane in the shadows, Her young respond in harmony. I have a good wine vessel, I will share with you, pouring it all out.
Line 6: Cockcrow rises to heaven. Constancy, pitfall.
Hex 8: Above earth is the stream: Seeking Union. The ancient kings founded countless cities for relationship with all the feudal lords.
Is it saying that I will do well (line 1) where people will work with me (line 2) and that I will see the light at the end of the studies (line 6), where my classes are working together (hex 8)?

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