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Response to Rita's Reading in Newsletter


Apr 30, 1971
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Dear Hilary and Friends:

Even though I believe there are no coincidences,
I was surprised to read in Hilary's newsletter
today a reading for Rita who was having marital
problems and received Hex 47. I did a reading
yesterday related to problems I am having with my
husband and received Hex 47, fourth line changing to
Hex 29. My question was related to the fact
that my husband has been suffering from chronic
pain and I try endlessly to get him to the doctor
or therapist but he suffers and doesn't find
relief. I wanted to plan a vacation to the beach
but he is unwilling to travel and lives in a lot of
fear. I like Hilary's description of the Hex as
Confining (i read the Wilhelm and Anthony books
which call it Obstruction/Exhaustion) but the
meaning is clear to me. I am being confined/
obstructed because I don't have the ability/tools/
methods to help him. He has to walk his own path.
And by me being true to myself and nourshing my
spirit, and accepting the truth of the situation I can
at least carry on. The fourth line says humiliation,
but the end is reached. Although I accept I have no
power in the situation, it will work out. The change
to HEX 29 says for me to go with the flow.

God bless, Rita. I find comfort in the serenity
prayer: Grant me the serenity to accept the things I
cannot change, courage to change the
things I can, and the wisdom to know the

Take care, SueMc


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Apr 8, 1970
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Dear Sue,

I don't know what question you asked, but could it also be your husband who is confined in the metal chariot? That sounds to me like finding it difficult to move - to travel, to get help - because of a weight he is carrying. Perhaps the weight of dignity, and putting on a brave front? (Gilded metal chariots look very splendid and dignified, but can't manoeuvre very fast.) But there is movement.

If there is advice here, I think it would be to keep things as simple and fluid as possible, so that it is as easy as it can be for him to get help. Your feelings are mirrored and acknowledged in the 'paired' line, 48,3.

I hope you get that holiday together before too long!

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