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Rosenstein's Departure: 16.2 to 40, 42.5.6 to 24, 8.5 to 2, and 31.1 to 49


Oct 26, 2018
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Now that Rosenstein turned in his resignation, he will leave the DOJ in early-to-mid May.

What will Rosenstein do now that he is leaving? 16.2 Enthusiasm to 40 Release.
Line 2 says, "Boundaries turning to stone, Not for a whole day. Constancy, good fortune." Does that mean he will not be restrained by Trump?

What will happen to Rosenstein after he leaves? 42.5.6 Increasing to 24 Returning.
Line 5 says, "True and confident, with a benevolent heart, No question: good fortune from the source. Truth, confidence and benevolence are my own strength." Will he feel it's the right time to leave Mueller's report?
Line 6 says, "Absolutely no increase in this, Maybe someone strikes this one. The heart's foundation is not lasting. Pitfall." Does this mean that his departure wasn't a good thing?

What will happen to Mueller now that Rosenstein will be leaving? 8.5 Seeking Union to 2 Earth.
Line 5 says, "A demonstration of seeking union: The king uses three beaters, Lets the game in front go. The city people are not coerced. Good fortune." Will he work with the investigators to indict Trump for financial crimes?

What will happen to the Mueller report now that Rosenstein will be leaving? 31.1 Influence to 49 Radical Change.
Line 1 says, "Influence in your big toes." Will it become public via leaks?

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Aug 1, 2016
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16.2 > 40 -- he's just "enthusiastic" about being "released"
42.5.6 > 24 -- depends on whether his heart is "true and confident" and "benevolent" or "whether his "heart's foundation is not lasting"... so the jury's still out
8.5 > 2 -- Mueller will continue to act in a gentle, subtle fashion, being receptive to the political situation
31.1 > 49 -- it's going to start changes that are just beginning to be seen now but that will eventually lead to massive change


... But 49 Revolution is about political change.
That is one interpretation. Other names/handles for 49 are 'Renewing What has become Old' and 'Seasonal Change' - which for me doesn't imply or necessarily mean 'political' change.

One image I have of the trigram images - 'fire in the lake' - is of the sun warming the waters of a lake as the seasons change and the sun returns - winter becomes spring, spring becomes summer ... and so forth. It does imply change, but is it cyclical - or repetitive - change, as in "Meet the new boss same as the old boss ..."?

Another image associated with Hexagram 49 is that of an animal shedding it's winter coat - 'renewing what has become old.' So, perhaps this represents Rosenstein leaving, and then we'll get to see what Mueller was 'hiding under' Rosenstein's coat - how honest he was or not?


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