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Aug 2, 1972
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One of my sisters is certifiably mentally ill, though she refuses to take medicine or go to counseling, which is her right as long as she is not suicidal, homicidal or gravely disabled. She's been unable to work since the end of 2001, so perhaps she is gravely disabled. Siblings and mother have been assisting (enabling?).

She puts up quite a good front if one does not have much contact with her, and especially in earlier years it was not as evident. She has managed to take a large part of an inheritance which was given her to distribute among the siblings equally some years ago. Initially the value was unknown, so this went unchallenged for some time.

This morning I asked Yi about to show me the situation and received 29.4.6>6.

I also asked how best to proceed and got 26.1.2>52.

Any thoughts?



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Jun 3, 2006
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Hi rinda,

I'm seeing 29.4 as meaning your sister does have moments of lucidity, sanity, and perhaps IC is directing you to note those moments and build on them, even if it's just simple stuff like sharing a joke or a mutual opinion about the weather.
29.6 makes me think you should assume she is not going to get better.
Together these two lines sound like, "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

Changing to 6. Conflict, "In all transactions the superior man carefully considers the beginning." This seems to be refering to , among other things, how it's a shame the legal stuff - distribution of the inheritance - was not handled more openly. I even wonder if part of your sister's illness is a result of the confusion with the family monies? I mean, if she has justified to herself how she spent the funds and yet on some level knows what she did was inappropriate, this can cause such major disconnects in the body electrical circuitry that the person can become ill. I would think, knowing your level of understanding/vibration, that you probably come from a family where karmically people just can't get away with this sort of subtrifuge. I mean, your sister knows better and your enabling mother and sisters know better. Just a thought.

26.1.2 - 52.
How closely involved are you with the whole family situation? It sounds like your sister is getting adequate care and attention from your mother and sisters. If so I think 26.1.2 - 52 is cautioning you not to jump into it yourself. Indeed, you may find that you simply cannot even if you'd like to. as if you are somehow Restrained by circumstances. 26.1 talks about a ghost, and I again wonder if the misappropriated funds are somehow key to her health and situation. That is, if the money was intended to help solve certain problems but didn't go to the people it was intended for,it will still solve problems, only now it's the sister who has the problems.
26.2 says to me that you needn't, can't, do anything now but infers that as you do stay peaceful you will eventually recognize what to do.

52. Keeping Still - He goes into his courtyard and does not see his people. NO BLAME.
Is your family pulling at you to be more involved with her care? I think 52 is encouraging you you need not do anything blindly.
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Jun 18, 2006
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Hex 29.4 says that this is a time of problems and trouble, this affair needs to get back to basics.

Hex 29.6 says that she is guilty of wrongdoing and cannot escape punishment.

Hex 6 suggests that she did indeed use cunning to make off with the inheritance, which has now developed into a conflict. Unfortunately, if the conflict is not resolved then the outcome will be to see a judge who can then settle the matter.

Hex 26.1,2 > 52 says to make no move, desist from becoming involved, to stay still and keep out of it.

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