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Six Line Analysis Method of Iching Reading: 17.2 to 58

long yi

May 21, 2012
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Six Line Analysis Method of Iching Reading: 17.2 to 58

The querent and the background
This male querent is an older man, and successful business leader. He works with a younger single female peer at another site very far away. They work together well for a few years. The older man is a mentor to the younger female peer. According to the male querent, there is nothing that they cannot discuss.

Recently, the male querent may be promoted to an even more senior rank at work and may be elected partner. The younger female peer simply mentioned that she thought the male querent would be divorced at this time and transferred to her work site. All of sudden, she quitted and disappeared. The man never heard from her again for months.

He inquired about his future friendship with the former female peer. According to the male querent, there was no misconduct between the two because he has a family.
He casted a reading and obtained the following reading 17.2 to 58.

From the standard scripture
Above; a pool of water, joy
Below; thunder and awakening.

Above is joy, the youngest daughter; below is awakening, the eldest son.
The awakening interest of the older man is excited by the joyous movement of the young girl. He defers to her and shows her consideration, but in due course she will follow him.
Compliance in the beginning leads to ultimate success. Firmness and rectitude are advantageous and there is no blame.
In Sui, the strong trigram places itself, below the weak. In the two we see the combination of movement and pleasure. The whole universe complies with what the hour dictates. A leader must adjust his actions to the situation. A follower must adjust his actions to those of his leader. But just as the leader should not ask others to follow him unless his path is the right one, so his followers must assure themselves of his rectitude.
Thunder rumbles below the surface of the pool. As darkness falls, the Superior Man goes into his house to rest.
Line 2
He who clings to the little boy loses the strong man.
The ‘little boy’ represents his first allegiance, which may have been to principals not properly thought out, or which were applicable to a situation that no longer exists. It is a time to make more mature decisions and transfer allegiance to a new leader or moral system.

Long Yi’s interpretation:

Who is in the picture?
An older man of authority
A younger female peer of this man.
She has been a follower of this older man.
At the end, she left and he moves on alone.
She feels that it is no longer beneficial to work with him because there are no business and personal benefit to her if he is a mentor (line 2 change line)

Analysis using the six line method
The six line layout:
出生时间:年 性别:男 起卦方式:电脑自动

神煞:天乙—丑未 福星—申 日禄—巳 羊刃—午 驿马—寅 桃花—酉 华盖—辰
干支:壬辰年 丙午月 戊申日 癸亥时
旬空:午未  寅卯  寅卯  子丑

六神  伏神    震宫:泽雷随(归魂)     兑宫:兑为泽(六冲)
         【本 卦】           【变 卦】
朱雀       ▅▅ ▅▅ 妻财丁未土 应   ▅▅ ▅▅ 妻财丁未土 世
青龙       ▅▅▅▅▅ 官鬼丁酉金     ▅▅▅▅▅ 官鬼丁酉金 桃花
玄武 子孙庚午火 ▅▅▅▅▅ 父母丁亥水     ▅▅▅▅▅ 父母丁亥水  
白虎       ▅▅ ▅▅ 妻财庚辰土 世   ▅▅ ▅▅ 妻财丁丑土 应
滕蛇       ▅▅ ▅▅ 兄弟庚寅木  ×→  ▅▅▅▅▅ 兄弟丁卯木  
勾陈       ▅▅▅▅▅ 父母庚子水     ▅▅▅▅▅ 子孙丁巳火 

Line 6 = younger female peer (guest line)
Line 3 = host line, the man with a female in his mind.
Day of reading =戊申日, 申 = metal, meaning the man (same as line 5).

Line 5 is associated with 桃花 (romance). The man has a fling with another female. Since the 6th line (earth) produces the fifth line (the man). The female is the female peer in line 6 and probably admires the man.

He occupies the fifth line with green dragon 青龙 and luck 福星—申. He is a successful person and leader with authority. 

Line 1 = marriage papers 父母庚子水 + line 3 = spouse 妻财庚辰土 + day of reading 戊申日 = house of spouse. These three characters are coupled to form water (申子辰; man + spouse + marriage). This means the unit of a family wherein there is a husband and wife in the house of spouse.
Line 4 refers to the friendship with this female peer outside his house of marriage. The female student is the hidden line under line 4 and she is significantly younger than the man.

玄武 line 4 is a also a fling. The female peer probably shows affection to the older man in this relationship. Since the house of marriage is fire (丙午月 = house of marriage), and the hidden character for the female student is also 子孙庚午火, this implies that she also hope to enter the house of marriage of the older man, meaning become a lifetime partner.

Line 2 父母丁亥水 (marriage document – water) relationship is coupled to line 2 兄弟庚寅木 = wood (peer of the older man = female), but the wood character appears under the house of marriage (month of reading) and house of spouse (day of reading), this means that the female peer will never occupy the position of spouse of the man and be with him.

Line 2 is a move line and she moves a step forward. This means she is leaving.
Line 6 is the female peer, line 6 means she is leaving.

In hexagram 58, there are two females who do not get along (female peer and spouse). Since line 3 of hexagram 17 means the grave. The spouse of the man does not know the existence of this female peer because her marriage star is the same as the year of the dragon. The female earth star sits under the year of reading. This is an empty hidden seat. The man’s spouse and the female peer do not know each other, but the female peer knew the man has a spouse and children.

The ending is a bitter sweet combination. In hexagram 58, line 6 (female peer) produces line 5 (the man). This means she admires the man. Line 2 means when she moves away, she is in conflict with the man in line 5 that resulted in her departure. She is not happy that the relationship cannot be one of those leading to a lifetime personal partnership.

The above is an illustration of how much one can know about a situation with the help of the querent for the purpose of Iching learning and analysis. It also reflects the powerful technique used in the six line method, when it is used in combination of the overall meaning of the hexagram.

forty two

Sep 26, 2012
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Wow!!! Six line method is the name of what you are doing? I will google for it because that is........ VERY intresting. Thanks a lot for telling us :)

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