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The Musician - So things with this man have not progressed in anyway and I am comfortable with that. The more it doesn't go anywhere, the more I feel I am not ready for a relationship but as soon as I fully let go of thoughts about him something will happen like he's trying to get my attention in some way - well not him, but something.
I have done a lot of major emotional letting go through this connection as was pointed out to me on this post, the reason for my connection with him in the first place. I am so grateful for this as I feel so empowered.
And as I have also mentioned I am creating new friendships thereby creating a nice social life.
Yesterday my friends and I were at the local markets and one of this musician's closest friends crosses my path - this has not happened before now and I didn't think too much about it but no, here I am having the bestest time last night meeting more new people, relaxing, enjoying myself and right at the end of the night this same closest friend of the musician's walks into the party and although I've never really met him before we start chatting and then the conversation gets quite deep but after about 15 minutes we just kept getting interrupted by others (it was a party after all) but it definitely felt like the conversation didn't get finished.

So I asked 'why did I connect with this guy last night' (Questioning it in ref to the musician)

Hexagram 21.6>51

Yep it has shaken me up but don't know why and 21.6 I am not hearing whats being said so we met so he could tell me more?
Blah! no idea.
I did just read arabellas recent post about this line but can't make too much sense about if for myself.
So I asked what am I not hearing and I got Hex 20 unchanging - so now I'm not seeing either what tha?

Melissa x


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Nov 24, 2010
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maybe with hex 20 yi is saying... come on think about it for a second.... contemplate it and you will get your answer


Jun 15, 2010
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Things are not going as you hope. Thus, you must take positive action; take a big bite and don't rely on others to work for you. Also there is a possibility that someone might say something ill of you. If you want some kind of love in this case, then you have to work very hard for it. Moreover, it is likely that someone of the opposite sex will interfere in what you are trying to do. 51, thundering around, also says that there will be rough waves, but if you work at it success is possible.


Thks chingching - contemplating I don't want to do - I just want to know stuff!!!! x

Thks icastes, Yes I am a bit disappointed that this muso and I didn't at least become friends as he could have helped me progress with my sign language in a way, so obviously I can't rely on him for that.
I'm not sure why someone would speak ill of me although I must say the musos friend spoke ill of him both personally and professionally.
Someone of the opposite sex trying to interfere with what I am trying to do? - this one not making any sense but I will wait and see.
At the least I was just hoping the muso and I would work together at public events - him singing and me signing but there are plenty of others around I can do the same thing with.

have a lovely day
Melissa x


Last night I went and saw these two playing together. The muso completely ignored me but I could feel he was aware of me and observing me. Although I had no inclination to speak with him at all I wasn't opposed to him approaching me and speaking to me if he wanted.
icastes has mentioned in this post of others speaking ill of me but I remembered previous to this post, others in our community speaking ill of the muso and last night I was chatting to others in the audience who are holidaying in the area - so they don't know me and don't know the muso and they had nothing nice to say about him as a musician - yikes!
While the muso was off stage for a while, his friend was performing on his own. I had to walk close to the stage and past his friend and in the middle of his singing he gave me the loveliest smile so much so that someone asked if he was my husband. It took me by surprise but hey I didn't mind it although we are not interested in each other romantically - he is very married and very much in love.
I could feel it left the muso wondering as I can only assume he doesn't know that his friend and I have met.
Other than that his friend and I spoke very briefly about a confidence we shared the other night and then I left.

So this morning I have asked out of curiousity - what further interaction can I expect btw the muso and me
Hex 59.5>4
I think this means any influence I have allowed the muso to have one me (for good or bad) no longer exists and Hex 4 means new things happening for me.

Then I asked the same question and his friend and I and I got Hex 46.2.6>52

And first I thought this meant we would have nothing to do with each other but now not so sure?
Line 2 - well we have offered something sincere to each other in our original conversation but unsure about line 6 and Hex 52 - I don't have the inclination to push upward with this connection but rather just sit with a while and see what it's all about.

thks for any help
Liss x


Hex 51 came into play - had a bit of a shock but positively! I no longer have any attatchment in anyway to these two musicians - I learnt what I had to learn from them and am now moving on to the positivity this has brought me. xx

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