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Thoughts of 45. Group Conciousness



I've been going over 45 today, as that's the hexagram we're at over on the I Ching on the IChing thread. I thought if I brought it to our attention a bit more here someone might feel inspired to fill in the last line.
Gathering Together follows 44. Coming to Meet. I guess the idea is that when creatures Meet one another, like minds will Gather Together. Interesting that 44 talks about the unconcious. I'm visualizing this big collage mixer where all the freshmans who don't know anybody, don't even know themselves, are supposed to come and sort of hang together and as you bump into people you find kindred spirits and you find about parts of yourself you were unconcious of before, because now you're bumping into people who are all having the same issues so you come to realize what you thought was your own dirty little secret ("My family is nuts!") is a secret shared by just about everyone else in the room. So 44 - the Unconcious Urges - lead us to meet up with others with similar scenarios. Hmmm, maybe in my own version, I'll call 45 The A.A. Meeting.
Anyway, 45 talks about the value of people coming together and the importance of acknowledging a Higher Power. It also gives clear warning that in such situations we should keep our weapons in good repair. I guess the idea is that in large gatherings problems can come up, even robberies. Amazing how the I Ching will just come out and address these difficulties. No pep talk on trusting God, just a stern warning that when you go to church, watch for pickpockets.
So okay, line one makes me think of a small child lost at the mall. A huge gathering of people, but you don't feel connected to any of them, but with just a squeek, the child realizes his mother is only standing a few feet away and she grabs his hand and he feels safe in the group again. So I guess that's one way to become part of a group. If you feel like an outsider, call out until someone finds you.
Line 2 on the other hand, deliniates the perfect stress free way to become a member of a group - Be invited! When we're asked to join we know we're wanted and it's great. The I Ching suggests the benefit of bringing a hostess gift.
Line 3 Gathering together amid sighs. hmmm, if Line 2 is someone who is invited, line 3 sounds like someone who is not invited, someone who wrangles an invitation through a friend who did get one. This sounds like it could be a problem, but it's not and I think the reason why it's not is due to the true nature of the whole hexagram - that is, when people gather together, secret forces are guiding us and it really doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you are there.
Line 4. I think this could represent the caterers and people who make the party flow. Another good place to be in. All the fun of being at the party, plus the fun of making it happen.
Line 5. I think this must represent the host, but also all the people who come to make the gathering a success, and not just to see what's in it for them.
Line 6. those too shy to come before feel left out, but again the very nature of 45 is that everyone is included, so ultimately even the wall flowers get the courage to join in

Okay, that's my take on it. Next we have 46, Pushing Upward. i think this is about the power of the Group Conciousness. We'll see.

Meanwhile, if this read on 45 has caused you to think about it abit, you have a feeling to, wont you add a thought to the I Ching on the I Ching thread?


Nov 16, 1971
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Hi Rosada-
Try re-reading the whole hexagram with the idea that the main root meaning of 45 is "Reassurance" or "Security", both physical and psychological, that That is the reason to have the weapons cached but repaired and ready, and that that is the reason people gather together here.
Consider too that a lake above the earth needs to be reinforced with embankments. It's more a question of artifice than Hex 08, which just flows.


Mar 16, 1970
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An 'alternative' perspective to Bradford:

ICPlus 45:

45 Gathering Together (Massing)
In a context of devotion we utilise intensity.

"TS'UI : call or pack together; tight groups of people, animals, things; collect, gather, assemble, concentrate, bunch, crowd, collection; lit:dense tussocky grass"ERANOS p492

Trigrams : self-restraint (bottom), control (top) : with/from self-restraint comes control. [lake over earth]

The mud from which 45 has emerged (27-ness) is best described by analogy to the under-stated qualities of hexagram 25, asserting (stand up to say one's perspective without fear of consequences - acceptable when amongst 'likeminded').

45 gets its nourishment (43-ness) from source described by analogy to 32 and so a focus on commitment.

As a marker of context, where context acts to PUSH instincts, 45 'demands' a preferred response of the qualities of hexagram 19, aproaching/deferring.

In the binary sequence hexagram 45 pairs with hexagram 12.
This pairing focuses on the validation of one's belief, be it through the unconditional celebration in the form of a congregating (hexagram 45) or else in neutralising the attacks of others upon one's particular faith (hexagram 12), and in doing so firming one's beliefs.

In the binary sequence hexagram 45 opposes hexagram 26.
At the LOCAL level we are dealing with an octet of hexagrams with the EARTH trigram as base. In this sequence hexagram 23, the focus upon pruning, 'opposes' hexagram 45, congregating (and so exaggerating to celebrate). More so, the exaggerated sense of celebrating one's faith (45) is reflected in a more balanced format through the continuous removal of 'weeds' that can gather around one's faith (23).

In the traditional sequence hexagram 45 pairs with hexagram 46.


45 : entanglement - through (low to high); a crowd; 45 congregating, massing comes from a context described by hexagram 25 - disentangle, stand-up to express

46 : entanglement - through (low to high); self; 46 entangling, push upwards comes from a context described by hexagram 26 - hold firm

In the traditional sequence hexagram 45 opposes hexagram 20.
The generic properties of hexagram 45 reflect the mixing of the generic properties of hexagram 12 with the generic properties of hexagram 25.
A combination of affirming one's faith (12) together with disentanglment from the 'norm' (25) is reflected in the focus upon congregating to celebrate that faith.

Interpretation of Traditional Line comments:

Line 1
"Being not wholly sincere. Disorder because of it, grouping because of it. Similar to a little outcry that sets off laughter [within a crowd]. No concern. Move on without fault." [Lack of sincerity (immaturity at the beginning) leads to wasted energy. In a crowd concentrating on something, a sudden, and intentional, yelp can break the tension/spell. This shows a lack of sincerity but is done usually by the immature. So too, lack of sincerity can cause disorder as well as people grouping together for safety]

Line 2
"[Letting oneself] be drawn is favourable, no harm in this. [Things are] balanced because of an advantageous, although limited, offering." [Imposing a self limitation by allowing outside forces to control(draw you)]

Line 3
"With assemblying comes lamenting. Advantageous if it does not go beyond the moment. Move on, there is no harm in this. A small humiliation." [A lessening of the moment]

Line 4
"[impose direction] favourable, no harm in this." [Formalize the assembly's goals - uniformity]

Line 5
"Assemblying: Controlling the situation. Unbalanced but no harm in this. The source of perpetually testing times. Previous troubles will disappear." [Directing those assembled down the 'right' path]

Line 6
"Paying taxes: [complaints!]. No harm in this." [ Taxes are intended as an instrument of fairness/balance within any large group of people - the ultimate mark of social refinement is a taxation system!]

Spectrum summary:

00 :: (02) : What is this hexagrams's potential form? :: 45
01 :: (24) : How does this hexagram 'start', express 'beginning'? :: 17
02 :: (07) : How does this hexagram express uniformity, establishment of? :: 47
03 :: (19) : How does this hexagram express approaching the 'high'; defer to the 'low'? :: 58
04 :: (15) : How does this hexagram level things out, keep words close to facts? :: 31
05 :: (36) : How does this hexagram protect its 'light' when not its time? :: 49
06 :: (46) : How does this hexagram become more entangled with something/someone? :: 28
07 :: (11) : How does this hexagram balance/harmonise, mediate? :: 43
08 :: (16) : How does this hexagram express foresight/planning? :: 8
09 :: (51) : How does this hexagram express surprise, enlightenment, shock? :: 3
10 :: (40) : How does this hexagram express tension release through relaxing structure? :: 29
11 :: (54) : How does this hexagram expend early energy, imaturity? :: 60
12 :: (62) : How does this hexagram express overacting to establish unconditional loyalty? :: 39
13 :: (55) : How does this hexagram deal with abundance/overflowing? :: 63
14 :: (32) : How does this hexagram express commitment? :: 48
15 :: (34) : How does this hexagram actively invigorate others? :: 5
16 :: (08) : How does this hexagram passively attract? :: 16
17 :: (03) : How does this hexagram 'sprout'? :: 51
18 :: (29) : How does this hexagram assert containment/control? :: 40
19 :: (60) : How does this hexagram standardise? :: 54
20 :: (39) : How does this hexagram obstruct, go against, stand up to, the flow? :: 62
21 :: (63) : How does this hexagram complete, 'get it right'? :: 55
22 :: (48) : Where does this hexagram get its nutrition, what sustains it, keeps it going? :: 32
23 :: (05) : How does this hexagram wait for opportunity to come? :: 34
24 :: (45) : How does this hexagram celebrate its 'faith'? :: 2
25 :: (17) : How does this hexagram find a faith? What is its faith? :: 24
26 :: (47) : How does this hexagram integrate with the context, be it by choice or otherwise? :: 7
27 :: (58) : How does this hexagram express itself intensely, self-reflect? :: 19
28 :: (31) : How does this hexagram 'woo', express restrained enticement? :: 15
29 :: (49) : How does this hexagram reveal, unmask? :: 36
30 :: (28) : How does this hexagram express excess, go beyond what is required? :: 46
31 :: (43) : How does this hexagram 'seed', spread the word? :: 11
32 :: (23) : How does this hexagram 'housekeep', clear chaff to bring out the wheat? :: 12
33 :: (27) : What is the basic, skelatal form of this hexagram, The mud from which it has emerged? :: 25
34 :: (04) : How does this hexagram learn social skills? :: 6
35 :: (41) : How does this hexagram achieve clarity, concentration, distillation? :: 10
36 :: (52) : How does this hexagram express blocking, discernment? :: 33
37 :: (22) : What does this hexagram look like, how does it present itself to the outside? :: 13
38 :: (18) : How does this hexagram correct corruption, express that correction? :: 44
39 :: (26) : How does this hexagram express 'holding firm' to traditions? :: 1
40 :: (35) : How does this hexagram bring something into the 'light'? :: 20
41 :: (21) : How does this hexagram resolve problems? :: 42
42 :: (64) : How does this hexagram remain 'open', mis-sequence? :: 59
43 :: (38) : How does this hexagram 'mirror', deal with opposition? :: 61
44 :: (56) : How does this hexagram demonstrate conditional loyalty; loyalty at a distance? :: 53
45 :: (30) : How does this hexagram express guidance/direction setting? :: 37
46 :: (50) : How does this hexagram express conversion of the raw to the cooked, transformation? :: 57
47 :: (14) : How does this hexagram manage from the centre? Direct operations? Push ideology? :: 9
48 :: (20) : How does this hexagram elicit admiration and so invigorate others passively? :: 35
49 :: (42) : How does this hexagram reflect augmentation? :: 21
50 :: (59) : How does this hexagram make things clear, dispell illusions? lift the fog? :: 64
51 :: (61) : How does this hexagram express empathy? yielding, soft core, hard exterior? :: 38
52 :: (53) : How does this hexagram express gradual development, maturity? :: 56
53 :: (37) : How does this hexagram reflect rigid structure as a form of tension release? :: 30
54 :: (57) : How does this hexagram cultivate and become influencial? :: 50
55 :: (09) : How does this hexagram express making small gains to be noticed? :: 14
56 :: (12) : How does this hexagram neutralise attacks on its core beliefs? :: 23
57 :: (25) : How does this hexagram stand up to say its piece, ignoring consequences, disentangle? :: 27
58 :: (06) : How does this hexagram compromise, meet half way? :: 4
59 :: (10) : How does this hexagram traverse a path carefully? :: 41
60 :: (33) : How does this hexagram draw-in its enemies, competitively entice? :: 52
61 :: (13) : How does this hexagram express association with the likeminded? :: 22
62 :: (44) : How does this hexagram persuade/seduce? :: 18
63 :: (01) : How does this hexagram express singlemindedness, competitiveness? :: 26


Mar 16, 1970
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This is a typo:

"Trigrams : self-restraint (bottom), control (top) : with/from self-restraint comes control. [lake over earth]"

IT should read:

Trigrams: devotion to another/others(bottom), intensity in expression (top) : with/from devotion comes intensity in expression

This reflects the focus on a celebration of faith (and so cooperative in a group, vs 12 that covers being competitive in that celebration of faith)


Jun 13, 1971
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OK, having posted 45.6, I'll explain my thoughts. Actually I didn't even read this post before, but just went on my particular reading of 45 and 45.6.

Why do people gather together? 1) for celebration, 2) to ready an army, and 3) for a trial/lynching/sacrifice, etc. After thinking about 45.6, which is the end result of the gathering, the only possibility I could come up was option 3. The line is about someone in a position at the top who is extremely *uncomfortable* being in that position... maybe they attained fame too quickly and they're psyche couldn't handle it (hence the Kurt Cobain quote).

Maybe the gathering is actually a witch-hunt. Maybe the person at the top is indicted as a witch and sentenced to death. That would explain they're lament and uncomfortable-ness with being the main event.

The image of Lake over Earth brought to mind the idea of quicksand and also the fact that in the Middle Ages, the test of a witch was to tie heavy objects on them and throw them in a lake. If they floated they were a witch. If they drowned they were innocent.

The other important part of 45.6 is that this person is *willing*. There are no regrets. In other words, the person is a willing sacrifice in order to further the cohesiveness of the group, a martyr to the cause.

All these ideas sort of melded themselves in my head and were regurgitated as my post.



Hey you just happened to feel to add 45.6 without having read my plea for a new person to contribute? Cool.

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