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Mar 1, 1970
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I have a huge dilemma... I am currently living with my new fiance. We have only been living together for one month now and we have managed to get pregnant in this time. When we first discovered this I was wanting to not have the child and he was completely opposite. He could not even fathom why we shouldn't. We love each other; we could make it work. But in the last few weeks (3). He has convinced himself that this is not his baby and does not believe me that I have never been with anyone other than him since we got together. I have never given him any reason to think I would be nothing but completely faithful. His reasoning is that the doctor's go by the first day of my last period to determine the due date. So curious Ben read a medical book that said according to the first day of my last period my 3-day fertility time was when he was still in Wisconsin and I in California. So he thinks that is the only time I could have gotten pregnant. Absurd right? But the issue is... we have done nothing but scream and yell at each other since I got pregnant. Now he doesn't want the baby, yet wants us to get married tomorrow if we do. I have explained that I am not ready for marriage, but I really want this baby. We have rushed everything else and I don't want to rush into marriage. He thinks that this means I am not committed and don't want to marry him.

I asked the I Ching to show me and image of me NOT having the baby... Could you help me with the interpretation? Anyone?
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Aug 16, 1970
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Noting this topic posted twice, and the responses/discussion are in it's other posting.

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