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Today's meeting & Action to be taken.


Mar 20, 2014
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Just had very significant meeting with a couple of Director types in mental health - both in charge of psychotherapy service. I feel it went quite well. I asked afterwards : "What kind of energy is travelling here?" as they are going to speak to D. to ask if we can have a meeting - me with her, or one of them with me and her... to get clarity on things that have been happening.

Response was HEXAGRAM 11.3>19

I am quite pleased with that reading..... although my reflections on the situation do not feel very good in terms of the truth behind all the confusion. But that will hopefully unravel and truth with out. My main concern. This terrible sense of betrayal can at least get an airing.


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May 29, 2006
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11.3 ups and downs, it's telling you to take up and downs in your stride. There may be ups and downs and you are being advised to acknowledge that is the nature of life. Somehow I can't see you doing that easily though so to previous casts....

..... there have been a number of readings on this topic area now and one that stuck with me was this one


The earlier readings you did are still true. I also recall the 55.3>51 reading....all these readings spoke of you being in the dark whilst things being reviewed and so on. So all along Yi has said yes you are in the dark, no you can't see what is next and this is okay, it is not a sign of impending disaster. That 33.1.6>49 reading, it is a change yes (hex 49) and a review is a very 49ish thing, and this oneis happening out of sight. Then there was the 7.2 reading in Exploring Divination which suggested there was no purposeful betrayal going on. I'm raking up past readings here because they are still true and they don't become untrue when you do more casts.

I'm just pointing out that anxiety will make you do more casts, and then if the casts worry you you'll worry more like you did with the 29 reading recently. 11.3 is just reminding you you will have ups and downs. Yesterday you said you didn't want to live, today you sound cheerful. So you are going up and down, up and down. When you are down remember there will be an up along shortly and when you are up remember there will be a down along shortly (oh well that's a bit depressing but you know what I mean). Every hour of the day has it's own ups and downs, life cannot be any other way. Yi is suggesting you take that understanding close.....in fact you may need to write 11.3 on a piece of card and place it somewhere prominent.

Also I think you have had 11 before re all this


Dec 2, 2008
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Here is line 3 moving in hex 11 from the WikiWing, a resource of this website:

No going out without a return.
Constancy in hardship is not a mistake.
Do not sorrow about its truth.
In eating and drinking there is blessing.'

Nothing is all smooth going; nothing is all in a straight line. Why expect this to be?

Not to sorrow about truth – the pointlessness of being unhappy with the only real world there is. Eating and drinking is the opposite of this – full acceptance of here and now.

And: It may be hard or difficult but don’t worry or be concerned - it leads to blessings. What you see right now is not necessarily all you get - there's more. But don't sweat it, because overall, despite appearances and a hard row to hoe, it’s good news. (adapted from Dobro, Forum)

Wilhelm/Baynes: this 'ought to keep us from falling into illusion when good things come to us.' Experience: it's more that it should keep us from being dismayed when bad things come to us, making a big anxious drama about how it's all gone wrong, and changing course.

11 zhi Hexagram 19, Flowing Nearing, its Advent. An unconditionally accepting, willing approach.

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