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troubled relationship

blue iris

Dec 10, 2007
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Hi everyone,
I have some issues with this man I care about, I withdrew and now I asked Yi Jing if he will contact me.
58.3 ->43
If I see this from his point of view, the third line shows a man who seeks too many pleasures and is not stable within...which is true for him. But hexagram 43 is Resoluteness - does this mean he may finally gather the resolve and make some more concrete step towards me?

We do have issues with him not being centred and grounded enough and I decided to withdraw - it is up to him to make some real steps.
It may be that the reading also says that I need to be resolute and firm in my position. I care for him but he must grow and find his centre still...

I asked if we will be together:
50.9 ->32
I would say that this shows the spiritual connection what we share...but also that nourishment and spiritual development is needed, and in time perhaps we can come to something more lasting and enduring. Indeed, in our relationship I many times serve as a 'guide', just by providing some insight to him...he recognizes and learns things through me; and I also feel I can expand my awareness and grow through him. I guess I need to nourish the 'higher' view, remain open and receptive...and then perhaps we can grow and mature.

Could anyone help me with this one - I would appreciate any thoughts! Thank you!

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