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Trying To Understand Many Changes

Nov 30, 2010
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Hello all!

It seems like many changes are afoot in my life these days. Starting a new business, a move to another place and myriads of other little changes are happening. So after pondering on these changes, I decide to consult the Yijing for some insight. I asked it " How to better understand the changes currently happening?" It answers with hexagram 26 with lines 1 and 3 changing, which means it changes to hexagram 4 "Youthful folly".

My first impression was the that the Yi was telling me that I'd face difficulties at first but that things would work out and that this was an occasion to mature.

Is my interpretation correct? Am I not seeing something?


Feb 9, 2010
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I think you are seeing it right when you say it is "an occasion to mature".
In fact you ask: "How to better understand the changes currently happening?" and the answer is: "Understand them as training and learning, a period that may be tough but can help you forge your character and personal power."
This is evident if you look at the Great Images of both hexagrams, both talking about learning and building up oneself.
Line 3 is eloquent enough by its mentioning "daily training, chariot driving, protecting" and by affirming that you must have a clear direction or aim.
You have a "fine horse for pursuit" and now you have to tame and train it.
Line 1 says it's still the beginning of this period and underlines the importance of also knowing how and when to stop - or stop wanting too much.
The two secondary related hexagrams may remind you that it is important to clear away all negative inheritance from the past, such as bad habits and "self-perpetuating patterns" (Hilary) (18 - Corruption) and that a true learning is done by diminishing, because it is the "beginning of abundance" (41 - Decreasing). "In studying, every day a little more - In Dao (= in learning to live), every day a little less" (Daodejing).
Last, the nuclear figures shows you probably didn't have so much power of decision or control in these changes, or you are still second to someone (54), but you are getting that power back through them and can now start anew from the very beginning (24).

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