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Understanding hexagram 43 and failed relationships

cal val

Apr 30, 1971
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Ever since I read in a book on the dao that 43 is the hexagram about how King Wen successfully waged war on the Shang Dynasty... which was to pronounce to the people that King Zhou was a decadent despot... a criminal... an evil-doer who'd lost the mandate of Heaven, provide compelling evidence, then build his armies from the people he'd inculcated and attack... I've called it the "George-W-wages-war-on-Iraq" hexagram. I wonder just how King Wen manipulated the "press" to make his case since the "press" was quite different in those days, and I wonder if King Zhou was really any worse than King Wen. After all, the Shang Dynasty was more advanced in terms of culture and art than the Zhou Dynasty just as Iraq was far more advanced in terms of culture and art AND women's rights than the rest of the Arab nations (let's see how that changes under Shi-ite rule). Their bronze work is far more intricate and ornate than the Zhou's. The Zhou dynasty was much more austere than the Shang... is that better? The Shang invented writing, but most of their writings are lost to us... their court records were written on strips of bamboo. Consequently, we really only have King Wen's word to take for it. We know that the current administration in this country rewrote history to make their case for war. Is it not possible that King Wen did the same? For the same reasons?

That said... mostly in fun... *grin*, I've just discovered another deeper meaning of hexagram 43. And this goes out to all you men and women who find yourself in failed relationship after failed relationship, whether family, work or romance.

I spent most my adult life in failed relationships. As many of you know, I've gone through the fire two times in the last seven years or so and discovered why I was entering into and/or creating failed relationships. I got to the root of my fear of marriage this past year right here in this forum. Six years before that, a trigger experience in the workplace jolted loose my feelings that I had stuffed 37 years before when I was being molested as a child. Some of the molestation was so difficult to deal with that I went into a fugue on a couple of occasions. I remember quite clearly that there were three men and four incidences. I can easily see in my mind two of the men and remember vividly the three incidences they were involved in. I could describe them in detail right here right now. I can't remember the third man who attacked me or the attack itself. He and his crime are completely blocked from my "view" buried somewhere deep in my memory banks.

I've been having a strange recurring dream, and this morning out of the blue I started wondering if I need to remember the third man and his crime... if doing so would release me even more and bring me ever closer to a healthy relationship. So I asked the Yi if I need to go into hypnosis to remember the man and his crime. Their answer was 43.4.6.

43.4 is one I'm used to now... the Yi telling me I'm being led.

43.6 is one I've never really understood until this morning. And WOW! Does it ever answer my question.

Victory seems to have been achieved. There remains merely a remnant of the evil resolutely to be eradicated as the time demands. Everything looks easy. Just there, however, lies the danger. If we are not on guard, evil will succeed in escaping by means of concealment, and when it has eluded us new misfortunes will develop from the remaining seeds, for evil does not die easily. So too in dealing with the evil in one's own character, one must go to work with thoroughness. If out of carelessness anything were to be overlooked, new evil would arise from it.

One must go to work with thoroughness. Well I guess so then!



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