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Mar 16, 1970
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We can take the binary sequence of the I Ching and divide it into two halves - one with all of the yin-based hexagrams and one with all of the yang-based hexagrams. We can then 'slide' one set of hexagrams over the other to give us pairs of hexagrams with the BOTTOM line being different - all else are the same. With this action we gain access to more information on hexagram relationships mapped to hexagram pairs - an example covering pairs that share 000 as top:

hexagram 02 complements with hexagram 24.

The pairing of hexagram 02 and 24 reflects the subtle differences in expression focused on the base line of a trigram. Here the 'receptivity' of yangness, as expressed in hexagram 02, is 'hardened' at a general level to be reflected in the focus of hexagram 24 in returning to the 'one true faith'. In pure yinness there is no such need for any particular where the natural devotion skills reflected in 02 elicit immediate, unconditional intimacy.

hexagram 07 complements hexagram 19.

This pairing reflects issues of command and control, where the rigid ordering of such expressed in hexagram 07 is complemented by the casual focus on approach to the 'high' and the deferring of the high to the 'low' in hexagram 19.

hexagram 15 complements hexagram 36.

The overall focus in this pair is on 'hiding', be it through removal of highs and lows in the environment (15) or the covering-up of one's own 'light' in a context that is uncompromising (36). Both hexagrams thus emphasise not exaggerating oneself etc.

hexagram 46 complements hexagram 11.

Hexagram 11 focuses on harmonising and with that a sense of a positive future. This sense is also reflected in hexagram 46 where the entanglement is considered an 'upward' step and so a seemingly positive future. The variation here is on the explicit nature of 11, and so the focus on perseverence, as compared to the cultivating focus of hexagram 46.

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