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Wanted! Chefs and tasters for Clarity's Kitchen!


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Apr 8, 1970
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(OK, let me explain what on earth I mean...)

The Kitchen is where Yijing-related products and services are dreamt up, mixed, taste-tested and baked. Next to emerge will be a new course about reading the Yijing for other people.

Does that pique your interest?

If it does, and if you're a Clarity customer (ie if you've bought something or other from me at some point in the past ten years), then I'd love for you to be involved in its creation.

Update 1st June

The Kitchen doors have closed for now, and will re-open when I next start a new project.

I'd get the benefit of your experiences, perspectives and insight. You'd get the satisfaction of contributing to something good, and having your ideas listened to and appreciated and used - and, of course, the 'cook's perks' of seeing the course before anyone else, and for free. Also, I have a feeling this whole thing, with a bunch of creative people throwing ideas and ingredients around, is going to be fun.

Here's how it'll work -

If you decide to join the Kitchen, you'll be invited into a private forum where I'll post asking for your advice, suggestions, examples and so on. (Or if you're not a forum person, I'll send these missives out by email too, and you can just hit 'reply'.) There'll be a mix of requests, and I expect they'll average at about one every couple of weeks. What makes this easy is that you only reply when you want to - when you have time and something to say. Definitely, definitely no pressure. (Pressure leads to burnt saucepans and concave cakes, and is not fun.)

If you'd like to be part of the Kitchen, sign up here -


- and let's get stuck in*. I'm really looking forward to this!

*Aprons and wooden spoons provided.
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