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What will be the role of my new acquaintance RG ?Hex>64


Apr 7, 2011
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I want to keep reading the Iching but without focusing in my broken relationship, then I decided to ask for a person I started to communicate, writing, a friend of a friend. There is no any other meaning., I dont know him just his pic, I think he is nice and make me forget at least whilst reading him and writing to him..Will he has a role in life? what will be this role?
Thank you!

Hexagram >64

I read this: Hexagram 57 is a soft form of transition.
From the universal perspective we have a focus on contractive binding; it means to share time with another - it represents such notions as a contract where, once complete. those concerned go their own way without any issues, and hopefully having gained some benefits. \Um.this meaning, it will be a chat and we will do it for a while and then stop?

Submission and gentleness lead to success in any minor matters. It is advantageous to have a destination in view and to visit a great man.

Will submission is necessary in carrying out the will of heaven.
line 5
No beginning, but an end.
Before the change, three days.
After the change, three days.
Good fortune.

In the situation described in Ku, WORK ON WHAT HAS BEEN SPOILED (Hexagram 18),
an entirely new point of departure must be set up, whereas here it is only
a question of reforms. The beginning has not been good, but the moment has
been reached when a new direction can be taken. Change and improvement are
called for. Such steps must be undertaken with steadfastness, that is, with
a firm and correct attitude of mind; then they will succeed, and remorse will
disappear. But it must be remembered that such improvements require careful
consideration. Before a change is made, it must be pondered over again and
again. After the change is made, it is necessary to note carefully for some
time after how the improvements bear the test of actuality. Such careful work
is accompanied by good fortune.

Hexagram 57: "SOWING"
This I like..but not sure how to associate to my question..

57. Synchronicity

The coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality -- used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung
This hexagram represents gentle but penetrating forces (like wind). It implies a series of small successes, and suggests that you find a great, wise man to discuss the situation with.

Then 64

This hexagram stands for order changing into chaos. Every Discordian strives for such a time - even though we know in our head that we need to find the Contented Chao, we know in our hearts that we have had enough order for our lifetime and are ready to see the pendulum swing the other way, even for a brief moment. But let's be honest. If the world was chaos for any length of time, and everyone else ascribed to it as religiously as they now do to order, what would we do?

You are confused. Get a firm grip on yourself. You are being influenced by negative factors which are beyond your knowledge. Search them out, expose them, and they will fade away. You can overdo this by analyzing the same factors over and over, again and again, thus neutralizing yourself by inactivity from over-activity. Your successful victory over evil will gain respect and admiration. Continue the good work, checking yourself before and after taking action. Your success may be hampered if you trace back too many problems, for you will then find you do not have the power to eliminate all of them, your energy having been dissipated.

Be flexible and gentle, but get to the heart of problems. Being steadfast will produce results, but don't push. Have clear objectives, and act honourably to achieve success.

a positive situation. Like being involved in an organisation that's trying to work things out for the benefit of everyone. Or feeling hungry knowing that you're going to be going out for a lovely meal later
Wei Chi relates to that short period of time that precedes success. When victory is in sight it is easy to take it for granted and not concentrate on your goals. The end of a chapter in your life is approaching and this is an especially dangerous time when all you have achieved can by undone through inattention. Wei Chi is just like the old saying "don't count your chickens before they're hatched". Remain alert to danger and stay focused on the tasks at hand. This way Wei Chi will indicate a successful conclusion

Wow. I read some threads and it is so different the interpretations..that is confuing..one read like this:
I am not as sanguine about 57. It is about healing and fortunes that shift like the wind. Hence, for love, it is comes in waves and thus has to be handled with great care. As for marriage, there is little chance for success and there is the distinct possibility of a third-party entering into the situation. 4, moreover, indicates not knowing how to the handle the situation when it comes to love, while for marriage success is very problematical. One person may end up in a place far away as well. These hexagrams are very tough

The changes to line 4 indicate: "Hunting Without Regret"- The wise person will combine modesty with energetic action at this time. Go after what you want without losing sleep over past failures.

Fully different, it is confusing..
Still do not know ho to apply the nterpretaion to my question..Maybe read too much, and I need only one book
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