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Which mango seed will grow into a tree? Mango seeds roundup #3, w/photos.

Tim K

Nov 29, 2013
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After my second attempt to grow a mango tree failed, I prayed to find a good and full of life mango seed.

Here are the first three contestants:

The fourth one, I named him 'Pinky':

It really looks alive and is so thick.

After being in the water for 7 days:

Some of them started to grow:

Next day, another two seeds have joined the competition:

Both look good and have pink color, but E is just fantastic - so much vigor.

In total I’ve obtained 6 seeds, and on 31st of March I asked the Yi about each one’s chances of sprouting.
"Will this seed grow into a tree with branches and leaves?"

A – 27.0(Nourishment) Internal 2.0.
I think it says no, because 27 in my mind signifies lack of something, as an opposite of 28 (Exceeding/Too much).
Lack of energy stored in the seed maybe?

B - 40.4.5(Liberation) to 29(Abyss/Danger)
Internal to 27.

4. Deliverance from your big toe. Then the companion comes along and you can trust him.

5. If only the noble can escape, this brings good fortune. He shows to the common person that he is earnest.

Seems to me that something will prevent the sprouting, and “If only the noble can escape” part really caught my attention. The seed wants to sprout but the circumstances won’t allow it. H29 is a sign for me maybe, to continue trying.

Internal hexes seem to describe these blocking circumstances, there is a lack of energy (27) and you can’t do anything about it 63.6 (63, Completed phase). Use better seeds 63.5 and continue trying 63.3 .

3.1.2(Arduos Beginnings) to 29(Abyss/Danger)
Internal 23.1 to 27 again.
Daniel’s lines give very clear answer
1. Your path is blocked. Stay calm. Seek helpers.
2. Progress is not possible. Wait for the right time.

Sorry, but No. Maybe next time.
Internal h27 – lack of energy.

24.2.5(Return) to 60(Limitation)
Internal 2.1.6 to 27 yet again.

Try next time(24), this seed’s chances are limited (60), because the energy stored inside it is not enough (int.27).

12.5(Standstill) to 35(Progress)
Internal 53.6(Gradual Development) to 39(Obstacles).
Now there’s a good line, finally.

Nigel Richmond:
12.5 Standstill is giving way. There is still danger needing attention like the binding of mulberry shoots.

Hmm, so this seed has better chances than the other ones, but there will be obstacles and I’d better not put my money on it.

Pinky, the best looking one for sure :) yet complete) to 51(Shock|Thunder)
Oooh, 51 how interesting.
Internal 63.1 to 39.

1. He gets his tail in the water. Shameful.
2. He brakes the wheels. Perseverance brings good fortune.
6. With true confidence one drinks wine. No error. If, however, one gets one's head wet, then one really loses it.

Ok, be patient(64.2), and don’t hold the seed in the water(64.1) for too long(64.6). And there will be some surprise (51).

Internal hexes seem to warn against using too much water too.
Wilhelm 63.1. He brakes the wheels. He get his tail in the water. No error.
The Image, 63:
Water over the fire: the image of the state after completion. Thus the noble considers misfortune and prepares beforehand against it.


3 days later, 3rd of April, group photo:​

C was going nowhere, it just wasn’t strong enough.
Also D’s root began to blacken at the tip.

E is using some strange tactics

See this two little greeny bits? Are these the roots? :)

Only five seeds left, with Pinky in the lead.


2 weeks later, 17th of April​

A, B and D are clearly dead. While E is struggling to make any progress.
I’ve planted Pinky in the pot, so as not to repeat an error for the second time. Waiting too long while the root is growing in the water could be catastrophic.

21st of April, Tadaa:​

23rd of April.​

E started to decompose, so we have a winner: Pinky!

28th of April, Lychee and Mango(Pinky) buddies.​

7th of June, Avocado, the Lychee brothers and Mango.​

8th of September, Mango is growing faster than Lychee.​

Also the grass came out of nowhere, but i'll leave it be for a while.

Well, Yi was pretty spot on with all the answers. 27 either as a main hex or an internal one definitely meant lack of vitality.
And the winner was -> 51 Shock.
Pleasant shock :)
Also an interesting point, in a Lychee thread 12.6 meant yes, but here 12.5 for seed E meant just maybe.

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