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Which way to kindergarten?



There has been mention of a beginner?s room. At first, I didn?t like the way that idea felt. A cast system effect. But after letting the idea sit awhile today, I now think it might be a great idea.

So much of this can get so complicated. Though I have some Chinging experience, I too get ?lost in the sauce? sometimes. For example, if every line changes to form a new hexagram and related meaning, you eventually can make it say anything you want it to. This relates to that, this is nuclear, this is opposite of that etc. Honestly, I have a tough enough time sorting through a single hexagram, its change lines and the relating hexagram.

I?m not putting down the more complicated possibilities. Sometimes its just over my head.

So, show me the way to where the kids hang out.


Jun 14, 1971
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Candid thanks!
The problem is that for me and the real (beginners)
it is really complicated and hard to understand the hexagrams. Not to mention the lines, the nuclear hexagram the moving lines and so on. I am afraid of tossing the coins by myself. I did it before and went to read the interpretation from the amazing site of LiSe but I didn?t know how to understand what Yi was talking about! I felt dumb dumb! Hilaryyyyyy help!

Then, when you talk about some hexagram and when all of you start writing your feelings about it and thoughts, is really difficult to catch up and intimidating. Sometimes I only have a very naive question in my mind and in the middle of a hot discussion (with words I have never heard before and need to open a dictionary ) seems nonsence. This is why a kindergarten sounds good. We (I) can ask all the stupid questions without interrupting a topic from senior I Ching learners like all of you! Does this make any sense?


Jan 10, 1971
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Please don't worry about asking naive, or even 'stupid' questions - chances are that someone else is wondering the same thing too.

I often find that the so called 'stupid' questions people ask in life actually stimulate a new line of creative thought. So if you have a question - please just ask.

I'm reminded of that classic tale of the 'stupid' question. When someone was on the beach and took a photo of his daughter, she asked to see the photo and he said the film had to be sent to the laboratory first, so she said why can't you put the laboratory inside the camera. To most people that's a stupid question, in this case it lead to the invention of the polaroid instant camera.


PS. I think it was Mae West who said "the only mistakes I regret are the ones I didn't make when I had the chance"


Hi Elisabete,

I think its always a good thing to be a beginner at something. Right now at work, I?m a beginner at understanding the trade. Almost everyone there knows more than I do about the business. At my age, that sometimes feels awkward. If we have no new beginnings in our life, we grow stagnant and old. We have the illusion that ?we have arrived.? I don?t think anyone ever arrives, no matter how much experience we may have. When we begin something, its chaotic. Things don?t seem to fit together very well. We shouldn?t feel discouraged about it though. Its just another new beginning and it takes time to sort through our confusion. Eventually, it begins to feel natural and makes sense.

To understand something mechanical, we take it apart, examine the pieces, and then one piece by one we put the pieces back together. Now we understand more about how it works all together. (see hexagram # 3)

In Yi, as in many things, sometimes the answer is so simple we pass it right by in search of a deeper meaning. I?m not saying that there aren?t deeper meanings, but lots of times the answer is right in front of our nose.

Just ask when you have a question. Don?t let the feeling of intimidation stop you. Remember, without students the teachers would have no purpose and no value. Its like a flower without any seeds. Be the curious seed and you will help all things to grow.



Jul 10, 1971
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I would again refer to hexagram #25, Inocence. It would be so easy to live without expectations, and yet so hard not to want our deeds to bring some return on investment. Its non-action as buddhists put it. Its not non-doing, instead its doing all that has to be done, but leaving the fruits of it to others... One can acomplish a whole lot more this way.
But we're still that child inside, and if we can remember that, we can let go of many things that make our adult existences hurt


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Sep 15, 1970
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I think the best way to start is only looking at the hexagram and the relating hexagram if there is one.

Like Leonard?s question, when he went to the other coast of America. The hexagram, 28, was crossing the mountain, and going from coast to coast is first up and then down. The relating hexagram was 56, the wanderer. The Yi was like a worried grandma: such a big trip, do you have enough warm socks? And don?t drive too fast! And be nice to strangers but be careful! Something like wishing him a good voyage, and nothing really complicated.

When I look at nuclear hexagrams, or try to figure out systems and whatever one can do with a reading, I lose all understanding of the answer. So most of the time I stick to those two hexagrams and nothing more.
Only when I need some direction on how to act, I look to the lines. When they are clear, I am glad, but when I do not understand, I often simply let it be. My experience is that trying to find out too much chases your intuition away. A little flash of insight by understanding part of the answer is worth much more than intellectually grasping it all and having no real insight.

The hexagrams themselves are such beautiful images, with such a huge range of meaning, it would already be plenty if we had only them. All the rest is extra.

I need a dictionary too: from Dutch to English and back.



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Apr 8, 1970
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OK, here's the Beginners' Room. The only slight problem is that it's hidden down the topics list, so there's no way anyone will be able to find it. At least, not until I remember which template to edit, and how to edit it without breaking the whole board
, and find the right 'regenerate pages' link. Hm. Maybe tomorrow...

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