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Why Yi?



Hi everyone:

I've been doing alot of thinking about why I am so attracted to the I Ching.

As busy as I am most of the time, I am drawn to the hexagrams. I don't throw coins very often (many once every other week or so) and that's because I want to study in depth every answer I get - as an excuse to learn the hexagram I get.
(Of course when I'm involved in something overwhelming I will overdo it!)

I was wondering why you are all also attracted to Yi.
Do you view Yi as an outside influence, as something within you, as other people view God?
What do you see as the purpose for you?

I did ask this question: Why am I drawn to I Ching just now and I got:

52 changing lines 1,5 which becomes 37.

That makes sense to me and I'd like to hear how others view Yi for themselves.

Looking very much forward to hearing your stories.


Because it gives you a base, a starting point and reference point to measure your life and growth by. 52

Because it's reliable. 52

Because it recognizes you. 37

Because it helps you to realize you are not alone, but are connected to the root of something which goes deep into the earth and your collective human and natural past. 37

And because it helps you to create order in your life. 37


Oh. I'm attracted to Yi for the same reasons, plus about 62 others.


May 31, 1972
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"I was wondering why you are all also attracted to Yi.
Do you view Yi as an outside influence, as something within you, as other people view God?
What do you see as the purpose for you? "

Well, in part, because it gives me good advice, when I can understand it. It does, in my view, allow me to communicate with something greater than myself - a superhuman intelligence, if you will. I'm hesitant to take the leap that it's actual communication with God without knowing for sure, (and how could one be *sure* of this, actually) but it is along similar lines...

What I accomplish (when I can understand and follow it's advice correctly) is not only what's best for me, but what is "without blame" given the situation. So, it helps me deal with life's circumstances with fewer mistakes all around.

I like the reasons Bruce gives, too. I think there are probably a lot of good reasons...


- Jeff


Feb 15, 1970
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this is my answer,I have no other reason for involving my self in any dicipline which is so espteric and open to interpertation. Some of the respondents seem to believe there are definative answers to all the Gus and lines? I believe if my question can be satisfied by what I am given by casting or devination, there is merit in its answer. All is worthy of consideration.


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Sep 15, 1970
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So I also asked Yi about my "why": 13 (lines 4 and 5) to 22.

The Yi with its simple but universal images makes me recognize the tracks of humanity, of the sages, of myth, of all times, of the spirit, of universal values. Wilhelms "makes distinctions between things" I rather translate as "reads the trails of creatures". It has the same meaning, but gives an image how to make that distinction. Yi helps me reading those trails. Helps me to understand motives, fears, wishes, joys, which are common to all humans ? including myself.

Line 4 changes to 37 (!), like you, I find inner and outer order with it. Line 5 changes to 30: clarity and insight.

Hexagram 22 is the beauty of life, but it includes health and energy. "Insight in many people's affairs without daring to judge in legal cases". How true for me! An answer gives me insight, but I never use it as a solid direction of what I have to do. No verdict of good or bad, no rule of where to go. But usually new motivation, re-connecting with myself and where I stand, new energy, and very often laughing about all my heaviness. Seeing and enjoying the beauty of life again.

I don't think this answer says anything about 'who' I meet when consulting, it is just a simple answer to the 'why'. It includes 13.5, which is my birth hexagram and line!



Jul 7, 1972
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I have a facination with the deeper meaning for the reason for existance.I have extensively covered diverse subjects such as quantom mechanics;evolution theries,genetics,computing and even astrology.Somewhere amongst all that i discovered the i ching.It has a connection with some of the previous subjects through the number 64.However i find alot of the stuff i read hard to understand because of the complexity of the subject matter.
Where does the i ching fit in.Its definatly up there with the complex subjects-but there is something about it that facinates me.It does not follow the rules of proberbility as such,yet it is still random.I would expect on a throw a meaningless answer;but the reply is always accurate for the question.It therefore has intellegence and wisdom.I might one day; just ask it the meaning of life!.But i surpose the reply would be relivant to my current existance only.


Just for fun I thought, well why not ask Stuart's question?

So I got out the coins and Angelika Hoefler's translation. I Ching - New Systems, Meathods and Revelations and I asked...

What is the Meaning of Life?

I tossed.....

36. Eclipse of the Light

"Everything dark and mysterious has a strong fascination for you. You study the darkness because one does not have to fear what one knows. One could think you were practicing "whistling in the dark". Very few people are aware that what drives you on is The Search for the MEANING OF LIFE, the search for light."

Uh, okay, YC, I think I'll nibble on a drumstick..



Just in case the comment could be useful

Because of the nature of the question ("meaning of Life"), it would be more accurate with yarrow stalks. Yarrow stalks allow one apply macrocosmical techniques; coins doesn't allow that.

Best wishes

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