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Will I ever get back into programming? 6.4 > 59


Feb 18, 2019
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I know it's a wierd question to ask, and yes/no questions are difficult to answer for the iching. But I feel like I'm submitting to fate here, and need a yes/no answer. And also, if I really had an interest in programming, why would I ask the iching and just simply get back into it right? Well it's complicated and highly embarrassing, like a lot of the reasoning behind questions asked to the iching.

Right now, I'm in a really super tight spot concerning money. I'm basically living off an inheritance which isn't a whole lot, and I don't have work. Applying for a job is out of the question. I plan to take on a few side jobs online as a way to make money. I can say for certain, programming is definitely in the back of my mind, it nags me from time to time. But I've lost motivation for it and found motivation somewhere else. I'm trying not to take on too many things at once, need to narrow my focus, mostly on the easier stuff first. But I'd really like to get back into programming (as in making software applications) because I want to use it as a way to make side income. And I think it'll make the most money out of all that I'm planning to do.

So I asked if I'll ever get back into programming and got Hexagram 6.4 > 59

6.4 - It speaks of submitting to fate. I know that's the advice for me, and I don't know if it's a yes or no, but I feel as though I'm already like that. Definitely not the only one, but I tend to let life happen to me rather than going out and making something of it. Which is a huge mistake for me. But in this case I might have to. Because programming requires a lot of time, dedication, focus, and patience which I can't currently provide. I might save it for last once I start making money. I'm not really sure who I'm contending with since that's what the whole hexagram is about.

59 - Speaks of my current situation, I found some interpretations of it that seems to fit. One that I found - "Other titles: Dispersion, Dissolution, Disintegration, Dispersal, Overcoming Dissension, Scattering, Dispersing, Unintegrated, Reuniting, Evaporation, Reorganization, New Deal, Re-Shuffle, Course Correction, Catharsis". Reorganization, new deal, catharsis, and course correction in particular fit my situation right now.

Thanks for your time, sorry it seems like a long read, but I promise to get back with the results. Keeping tabs of my other threads also to update. Thanks again.
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Jun 3, 2006
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6.4 seems to describe you joining with ja group you originally opposed and further this seems to be a reasonable thing to do.

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