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Would we experience a global cataclysm on planet Earth during out lifetimes?


Jul 22, 2018
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My friend who is into conspiracy theories suggested this question. I received pretty interesting result
Hexagram 61.1.6>29
And as usual with such big and epic questions I dont know whether Yi says to ''ease it up'' and cherish every day because we don't have power to change such big events anyway, or whether it confirms that soon Earth will be hit with a pole shift or an asteroid ;)


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Nov 24, 2010
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Fear is his inner truth...

Well earth has already experienced the global cataclysm of the anthropocene, still happening right now.

61.1.6 > 29 Entering like a powerful animal with truth, and a snake accompanies it. Then exiting like a cock crowing and crowing out to heaven. 29 water on water, the abysmal, the sincere succeeds, what you hold close to your heart. That's me grabbing text bites for rumination.

What I feel when I read your post and then looked at the reading was that 61.1.6 > 29 is a reflection of you and your friend casting a reading. I think the conspiracy theory friend may have acted as an inner truth disrupting influence to the power and facility you have in using the oracle, as shown in 61.1. I take away a sense that you are sincere but your friend's conspiracy theroising is not so much.

It's also a good reflection of being influenced by one's own fear of mortality. I also hear the excitement you have in being able to predict larger courses of action. Perhaps you will hit on something illuminating for a very popular vocation of many scientists, global disater prediction.

It's definetly a question that would have to be called out to heaven, as you suggest with the idea of an asteroid, becuase its a question of earth's place in the larger context of the whole universe.

But I also know line 6 shows up when you're reaching, without a grounded basis. Asking questions beyond your own scope. Like a cock who doesn't stop crowing becuase he cant feel himself as the cause for the sun to rise. Whcih is similar to your own words that the reading is saying ease up. Personally I hear line 6 as a kind of, stop going on about it, its actually not what's the most important thing. 29 urges you to hold what is most important to your heart.

Other than that, yeah sure, 29: floods, tsunamis 61: cyclones, typhoons, hurricanes, wild animal attacks, snakes!!!, or aliens visiting because a cock called them over. They've happened before, things are happening now, they'll happen again. I feel like a cock crowing after that playful list!

(except for the alien thing, that was a joke, I don't happen to believe in alien visitations, but am always open to listening to those who are)

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