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Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 56


Apr 4, 2021
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56 UC experience today:

My relationship has been having many problems caused by childishness and lack of self control in conflict. There is a pattern of my partner X speaking rudely or acting entitled, me lecturing her about why I don't like it and moping or holding the grudge, and the arguments dragging out for ages. For reasons detailed elsewhere it is not a relationship I currently want to leave as there are many signs to "work on it" even if it is temporary.

Well things have been going better, yesterday as I began standing up to her in a more direct way, and dealing with my emotions through removing myself and doing physical exercise rather than these lectures and fights.

Today tested this new habit!

I was with my client whom I run errands with. The errands took us near X's place of work and a place where she had just dropped off some knives to be sharpened. Since X had expressed frustration with the hours of the sharpening shop coinciding with her work hours, I thought "why not pick them up for her while my client shops"

Well, upon calling her, she demanded I also buy her an electrolyte drink while I was at it for her hangover. This would be a whole different transaction at the grocery and I did not want to put my client out, so I said no. She reacted by becoming cold and irritated. Then I realized after all I'd forgotten my wallet.

So I had to call back to tell her never mind, and tried to keep my tone kind and apologetic....still she snapped at me and hung up abruptly.

My day had already been full of frustrations with my car, and minor setbacks, and my anger got the best of me - I melted down in front of my client, and had to pull over to cool down. I was tempted to enter the cycle again, typing a long, terse message about how her actions made me feel since just last night while drunk she had apologized for taking my help for granted!

However, thought better of it, and asked the Yi how to approach the situation.
56 UC.
Move on!

My client and I continued with errands, I apologized for my meltdown, and returned home, car beginning to give me all sorts of error codes.

But feeling at peace - it felt like a gentle reminder from the Yi that all this is temporary (funny too when purchasing this car I received 56.4 about it.)

As mentioned above with "outlier" data points, this is not to disregard the message X's behavior sends, or the car's issues, but to move forward and preserve my own fire. To reconnect to my larger goals and tasks for the day. As there is not enough resources or time to waste wrangling.

Very relevant as today I have to send in a resume for a second job position I want very much. Saving up is my biggest priority right now for a surgery, and for X and I to move out of the very toxic place we live with her family (who share the tendency to treat eachother quote rudely and take each other for granted).
And maybe for a necessary new car!

Update: X called soon after I posted this letting me know she is having health problems and had to leave work early, will pick up the knives herself, and apologizing for her short behavior in a very sincere manner. She also offered to let me borrow or share her car if mine's problems prove too much.

For a moment today, I thought this might be a more significant or deeper meaning of 56, as in "think ahead to leaving the relationship," but it seems to be more like the others here, as in a passing moment.

Perspective 🦅
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Feb 29, 2008
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In my experience, it is usually about being careful and being aware of your surroundings.
That could mean many things depending on where you are at the time.
Mine as you may have guessed is in a business sense, like venturing into new territory.
I am usually feeling uncomfortable at the time.
Expect the unexpected.


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