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Thread: Hex 38.1.2>35 further questioning

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    Default Hex 38.1.2>35 further questioning

    Good morning,

    Further to my previous post http://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/frien...ad.php?t=11528,
    we have had no contact since and it has made me realise just how disrespectful I allowed him to treat me. Friends just don't treat each other like he has treated me, however I have asked what can I expect from him twds me over the weekend

    Hex 38.1.2>35
    Opposing’ describes irreducible differences – desires, motivations and especially ways of seeing that diverge from one another. ‘Opposing’ people see differently even when they’re looking at the same scene; they are utterly strange to each other, as if they came from different planets.
    This statement says it all and at the moment I keep thinking he is going to ring me and yell at me again and even though I understand it is his own stuff I realise that I don't deserve to be treated like that. Of course I don't have to pick up the phone but previous to this I certainly didn't expect him to be yelling at me.

    So back to the question - regrets vanish, see hateful people, don't chase things will return and line 2
    meeting a master - not a mistake

    thku for your insight I am feeling a bit vunerable at present
    Melissa x

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    Hex 38 must be in the air -- I've been talking to chucklesthegirl about it, and you get it, and I -- trying out a query suggested by icegrapefruit -- just cast > 4

    The good news is in 35 -- you're on the right path! Hang in there!

    38.1: "If you lose your horse, do not run after it. It will come back of its own accord." "If two people who are meant to be together become estranged, one need only let the other go for him to return of his own accord. We should not go more than halfway in trying to make anything work..." (Anthony)

    38.2: I've always been baffled by that guy in the alley. Anthony says "An open attitude leads to a breakthrough in which we understand a general principle in the particular circumstance in the present moment." O kay.... Not really much to go on here....

    "An unexpected or accidental encounter with an important idea or person will benefit you. There is a natural attraction at work here, although a direct approach would have been inconceivable or impossible. (R. L . Wing)

    "Meeting the master in an alley. Without fault. Live YOUR life, not A life, adapting to the commonly accepted way of life and its rules. For you only your own rules - or universal rules - are valid. It is a huge compliment to be called weird, it proves your individuality. You have to play your own role, so go ahead." LiSe http://www.yijing.nl/i_ching/hex_33-48/hex_e_38.htm

    "As a result of misunderstandings, it has become impossible for people who by nature belong together to meet in the correct way. this being so, an accidental meeting under informal circumstances may serve the purpose, provided there is an inner affinity between them." Wilhelm translation

    Howsoever... 38.2 seems to be about a reality check. You meet this estranged person, his proxy, or perhaps even your higher self in some confined space -- there can be no "getting lost," no ducking into a convenient doorway, no avoiding the meeting without turning tail and running. Painful as the encounter may be, the result is quite positive for future growth.

    Hang in there!

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    Ah thku Elias, very interesting reading. My thought process at the moment, actually before I read your post I mean.

    If he wants to sort it out there will be ONLY a meeting of halfway, no more me giving more than I should.
    Secondly sorting it out will not be via a telephone call where you can hang up when it gets too hard(like he did last time) it will be meeting face to face. It's that or nothing. So I guess that or nothing is the 'confinement', perhaps.

    Sounds more like its reflective of what I want than actually it being happening thing. But in my mind this BS has gone on long enough and needs sorting or needs discarding altogether.

    Good luck with your and chucklesthegirls 38ness.

    Melissa x

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    oh, dear.. I went back and looked over my reading for last night and discovered I really had 47 instead of 38. I must have the latter on the brain... It's really much preferable...

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    Elias that makes no sense to me but I guess as long as it does to you!!!
    So an unexpected encounter with someone(one of his women friends)via facebook - riled him right up.
    So present moment - I told him never to contact me again and his friend, well she stopped communicating. So next question is what can I expect from her from here 31.5>62.
    Seems like she has been influenced by him not to contact me. No loss, no gain, no problem.
    have fun
    Melissa x


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