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Thread: Experience with unchanging hex: 49UC

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    I was hoping one of you would tell me what it meant!

    No, the place for people being told 'what it meant' is Shared Readings. ...that is the place where people get to mull over with you what your reading may have meant is really shared readings. Here we are more sort of sharing insights into what an unchanging casting did mean for us. Well I'm not sure you know what it meant and neither do I so the case of 49 and the salami will remain a mystery. But if you get any more ideas about it let us know.


    Karcher mentions getting rid of things that have gotten old and unusable.
    yes and 49 is about shedding skins and salami is skin more or less I think. I think I've had 49 for new clothes/shoes at times.

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    Many times 49 has indicated a birthday.

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    Re: a recent change circle thread, I wanted to offer another 49 unchanging reading that I do not feel predicted or otherwise indicated the occurrence of a "radical change".

    As many folks are probably aware, early forms of the titular character of 49 (鯩 ge) depict an animal skin, and some translators interpret the character to mean "leather" or something along these lines rather than "change". In the context of the line texts, particularly the image of 鯩鯢 ("leather face" or "change face" - often understood as a "mask"), I find this sensible, although others may be more inclined to subordinate the line texts to a ļæ½ļæ½*ē¾© or 'core philosophy' of each hexagram overall contextually.

    So this idea of a costume suggests associations of a performance, a bit of theatre, a 'stage-of-space' perspective, etc.

    Here is my most recent 49 uc reading. I asked Yi, "What are my interests?" To clarify, this was in the sense of passions, hobbies, curiosities, etc, rather than stake or claim.

    I understood 鯩 in this case to refer to identity, and experimenting with identity as though trying on different hats, which rings true for me. The unchangingness perhaps alluding to a concept of a 'fixed identity' that may be false or fictitious. Persona, not personality. I thought of Howard Marks, the dope smuggler, and his hundreds of incognito passport photos. I am certainly interested in that stuff.

    What the reading effectively pointed out to me was that I was effectively asking, "who am I?" and seeking to define this according to the parameter of my interests: what I like, what I do. I had at one time sworn off this kind of self-definition and tugged at it for some time as an uncomfortable but necessary noose, only to ask the Yijing to please define me thus- coming full circle ("revolution"). This might be understood as a process of change, like any other process. But was more of a gradual process (53!) than a major upheaval- swearing off a fixed identity only to find doing so more of an inhibition than the identity so-called-fictions ever were, and a lot less fun besides. But I don't think the reading was directing my attention to the process as much as the question, the request for a label. I am much more interested in the voluminous discourse on identity than in transcending any idea of a "self", and really, I always was. No apologies for that, and more to the point, nothing radically new or different. I've always defined myself in part according to the hats I wear. The hats may change, but that part stays the same.

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    I had to put my input in, I received hexagram 49 a couple of months before Xmas. It was a pretty crazy time to be honest not a lot of fun really. However always a learning curve, I like Hillarys comment on what will you replace the old with. To me this hexagram is like going through a washing machine and you can either come out all fresh and new or the item of clothing will have holes in it. No matter what, you will change or the situation will. for good or bad. It seems that's either a lot better or much worse however this will be up to you.
    It appears you come to a climax and a change is forced or like a stick bending and bending until it snaps and becomes two new sticks.

    That's my impression at least


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