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Thread: Experience with unchanging hex: 49UC

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    I meant my comments are not very academic

    Hey Jasmin these threads about unchanging hexagrams are all about experiences and experiences aren't academic so don't worry about being academic just keep posting away won't you !

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    Quote Originally Posted by yasmin View Post
    Meng, I meant my comments are not very academic

    If I understand correctly, you are saying look for the learning in this situation, for example, question who needs to speak / hear 3 times? Etc... I will ponder that, and post later. Plenty of opportunity, it applies on so many levels, I keep drawing 49s, its the underlying fabric of my life
    Hi Yasmin,

    You sited four specifics, which I think are entirely applicable.

    I was pointing to the imbalance in line 3, and that there is a lack of confidence or belief, and it's something which can't be forced but must wait for the right time to transform. It likely will take repetition and constancy "to be believed". I mentioned it because you said you related to it, pretty much just intended as a side-note.

    I also asked, whose revolution is this? With the implication being, perhaps it is you who is going through a change or renewal. Perhaps you are maturing.
    "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a highly functioning sociopath. Do your research." - Sherlock Holmes

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    Hooray someone already started the 49uc thread some time back so I am just hoisting it up to the top as 49uc is the next we come to after 48uc

    I'll find any other stuff to add later. Meantime please share your own reading experiences with 49uc if you have any

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trojina View Post
    I've found with 49 uc that the thing in question looks likes it's disapeared, gone...end of story and I always think "huh what revolution, c'est finis !" Er then the thing in question reappears in my life in quite a new changed form.

    For example I had quite a fairly distanced kind of friendship with someone I met on a course. It was okay but slightly uneasy. It disapeared from view. When it reappeared it had somehow transformed into a very fun filled friendship
    I got 49 unchanging once when I asked What'll happen between me and the woman I met in a restaurant.
    2 months ago I went to a restaurant for dinner, had a beer. She came later and sat to the next table. I thought she's a foreigner at first but she wasn't. I was drawn to her like I've never experienced before... everything about that night felt magical, I was totally smitten. We talked, exchanged phone numbers and parted.

    After that we exchanged a few phone calls. When I was visiting her town (I live 200 km far from her) I called her, wanted to arrange a meeting, but she told me she didn't have time (it sounded more like she doesn't want to meet than she can't though, I don't know).
    So far that's all that happened and I haven't heard from her since. She disapeared. Well, maybe we'll get in touch again? I have no idea.

    P.S. Anyway, meeting her was really a reform for me. I realized that I can't deny my attraction towards women anymore and have to do something about it.

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    I cast another 49 unchanging.
    I asked What can I do to get rid of the excessive heat in my body? I think I couldn't get a better answer for it. 49 takes the image of conflict between fire and water. Fire and water destroy each other so what I need to do is to build more body fluids and blood that will extinguish the fire.

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    Lise's summary of the pair from my old printout


    49 - Overturn the obsolete
    50 - Make a correct situation (and a correct fate

    I've checked and I have no other 49uc in my journal. I've got the feeling I may have already said, I've never found 49 to be earth shattering....just something becomes remade all by itself. Yasmin's experiences at the start of the thread are much more defined than mine.

    Hilary said of this pair in her book

    Radical Change forms a pair with Hexagram 50, the vessel:

    'Radical Change puts away the old; the Vessel grasps renewal.'

    Before you can found the new, you must remove the old. You may need to make deeper changes than you imagined.

    Wing from the 'I Ching Workbook' says of 49uc

    A struggle is occurring between the component trigrams. TUI, satisfaction, in the upper trigram, is being invaded by the intelligent upward movement of LI, clarity, below. In a static form the time of CHANGING suggests that although you may not know what to do, you know that something must be done. Your best course is to alert yourself by paying careful attention to the shifting moods of those around you. Take stock of the general feelings running throughout society. This may help you determine your own personal imperatives and the support you can expect in carrying them out.

    Hmm well yes if your question involves society and others in a political sense.....but my own experience, as already related has been 49 as an organic change, a change not designed or planned. But that is all I have known so far personally. Some great experiences of 49uc were given by Yasmin and others at the beginning of the thread.

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    BTW we have the 49uc thread here and we have the 51uc thread which was started a while back and has happily arrived at naked buttocks

    Both 49uc thread and the 51uc thread was started by not me/someone else so if anyone would like to start the 50uc thread that would be nice and relaxing for me ....no pressure

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    An hour ago on the commuter train, a young foreign beggar went around asking for money. I said no, as usual.
    I was sitting there snacking on salami slices and bread, and he motioned to me for food.
    "Of course", I said. I had a giant packagae of salami that I bought for half price, so why not share. I gave him a handful of salami slices, at least 10. He ate one immediately and nodded thankfully, then went back to begging in the train.

    There are an awful lot of beggars here, and I never give them money. I hear a lot about how they want money and don't care about food. I'm a cynic but not that cynical. But I was curious afterward, so I asked "I gave salami slices to the guy on the train. How did that go?" and received 49 unchanging.

    Just thought I'd share.

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    Interesting. So as we want to see in these threads how unchanging casts played out for people can you give us any idea of what the 49uc was saying for you here ? I think you are the only one who would know in this situation.

    I recently also asked about a beggar who's condition worried me. We all come across beggars in our daily lives, if we live in cities especially, and we all have to figure what to do when encountering one because our feelings become involved yet we don't want to be scammed either. So any idea of what this answer meant for you here ?

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    I was hoping one of you would tell me what it meant!

    At first take, it looked like a general, generic, positive result. This wasn't any big deal to me, not meant to be deep. I just thought would be interesting to ask about the giving away of deli slices to the beggar on the train. Whenever I ask anything small-scale or trivial, I expect to get something that ties in to the question, no matter how trivial. The answer seemed mysterious, until I read Karcher's interpretation.

    Karcher mentions getting rid of things that have gotten old and unusable.

    What I haven't mentioned yet, is that the giant package of salami was half price because it's about to expire in 2 days. I was honestly having a little anxiety about whether I could consume it all, and I hate throwing food away. Can't get anything past the i-ching. It knows the real reason why I was so glad to give away a big stack of the deli slices.

    The question was fairly open ended, and so I interpret the answer as "how did that go..." for me. Or maybe even "how did that go..."for the salami slices.

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