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Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings- Hexagram 19

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    Default Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings- Hexagram 19

    I've received hexagram 19uc many times and overall at the moment mostly take it as suggestive of the sense of promise. The sense of the possibility of imminent arrival

    Wing says of 19 unchanging, which she chooses to call 'promotion'

    "K'UN , in the upper trigram of cosmic ideals, is receptive to Tui, joy and satisfaction, in the lower trigram of human affairs. PROMOTION without change suggests an eternal spring in regard to the object of your enquiry. This is indeed auspicious, as it appears that you are in an excellent position to carry out your plans successfully; or perhaps you can help others in the attainment of their own pursuits."

    I have always felt 19 to be quite an ethereal hexagram, it feels to me like "an eternal spring" because there's this sense of approach, of imminence, of arrival without there necessarily being any manifestation of it. Looking at all the examples I can so far find of my own I can see this sense of imminence....just like how springs feels.

    It is spring here in UK.....it is on the verge of spring anyway, but it is cold, no leaves on trees yet just a sort of sense of it might happen any moment now . That is my experience of 19 unchanging. For me mostly is seems to be very much a subjective sense of this imminence.

    On Lise's printout for the pair 19 and 20 she has

    "Take care of everyone involved

    19 - look after everyone, oversee
    20 -care for everyone, listen and look"

    There is that aspect of seeing, being seen of course, perhaps what approaches is being known in some sense. I have had the sense of that but it tends to subtle, spiritual.... I think 20 uc is the more tangible aspect of the pair.
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    Thank you for this.
    I just received this hex and I was feeling overwhelmed with the meaning. This I can sink my teeth into.
    My experience- I asked the Yi about what work I am meant to do- specifically relating to my art. I was thinking about how I can find the time and space for my work. Right now much of my time is "everyone else" but I think this is a response for me to "take care of everyone involved" which would be me as well. It also feels like a green light so to speak. A nod that this is something that will "feed" me back. Still so much to learn but this is very helpful.
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    19 UC came up for me recently when I was asking about the best place to move to after finishing the house here out on the lake where I have been for about 10 years.

    I asked about going south towards a couple of different places in Sydney but 19 UC came up when I asked about the outcome for a bit of a more radical move north to a beachside suburb that I have felt was the best place for me to live however it would require a big change in jobs to allow it as it would make for an impossible commute from my current job.

    An eternal spring would perfectly describe the beautiful lifestyle there, a place that I have been around since childhood. A simple, healthy, well balanced vibe, down to earth and by the water. Funnily the timing of my move is planned for next spring as well. It clarified for me an essential need to live in a place I can be happy in rather than focussing just on career at the exclusion of a balanced home life and well being. Down to earth and with joy I feel is the best way forward. It will take a fair degree of faith in taking this direction but is more a step rather than leap in faith. It will require I do a fair bit of promotion myself about the way my job is done to make it possible... Will see if I can actually make it manifest or whether it will be eternally just imminent.

    PS Trojan - Many thanks for your considerable effort and commitment with this series on unchanging hexagrams... as a learner this has proven a great structured way to work through the essential nature of the hexagrams in sequence. Most every day this is the first section of the forum I come to and along with practicing it has helped my understanding considerably. Hope you will keep it up all the way... a bit of a longer journey but its proving a very good way to see the Yi.

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    Thanks Graham. Arabella started these threads and always had alot to say of her experiences but she has disappeared for a while.....but when she returns, and I think she will return, she is going to have so much catching up to do !

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    I had 19 unchanging a little over a year ago, asking about what my place/ role was as my elderly mother-in-law was seriously ill. It turned out to be being present - a lot - for both emotional and practical support. 'Look after everyone' certainly applied. I spent some time staying with her after she came out of hospital, and learned about 19 in very practical ways: basically, having a list of things to do to help was pretty much always hopeless and/or disastrous, and being present with an open heart was always what was needed.

    I've had 19 unchanging once since then - a weekly reading - and understood it to mean 'be present!' again. I think that would fit with Kimbenes' 'work to do', as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hilary View Post
    . and learned about 19 in very practical ways: basically, having a list of things to do to help was pretty much always hopeless and/or disastrous, and being present with an open heart was always what was needed.
    i like that, its how I see the difference between 19 & 20 in terms of feelings involved.
    repeating myself, but H19 is down-here whereas h20 has a "up-there" . H19, most of the times is "Under- Stand" , to me ...

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    That's strange because I feel hex 20 to be far more practical in it's manifestation that 19. That is in hex 20 there is often an act one is thinking of doing...

    From Hilarys blog on 'another possible pattern' I take this idea

    Every pair of hexagrams, ie every odd-numbered hexagram with the even-numbered one that follows it, carries some un-pin-downable*feeling of ‘inspiration and manifestation’ or ‘question and response’ or ‘yang and yin’.
    Inspiration and manifestation, hex 1 and hex 2 reverberating through all the pairs. I've thought about this with other pairs and cannot always see it, but I see it with 19 and 20.

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    Just occured to me

    H19 APPROACH has supreme success.
    Perseverance furthers. When the eighth month comes, There will be misfortune.
    H20 This hexagram is linked with the eight month (September-October).

    Seems there is a time sequence in this pair. Wonder if the misfortune of h19 can be explained in h20

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    As in all pairs.

    The only misfortune during 20 (Sept-Oct) is when the necessary work during summer isn't completed, because there's not enough harvest in fall.

    I doubt there's any historic reference to this but the structure of 20 looks a bit like an empty silo.

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    I can relate to the empty silo imaginary; it fits with what i had in mind , a sort of idle state, the" not yet offering" part of the commentaries. Will think more about it and wait for the h20 thread.


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