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Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 23

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    What is the jun zi doing in 23?

    Is there someone in your life you could be generous to? (a kid, young person, elder)

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    My period has been irregular since I had a child last year and nursed her, but this month, as it stretched into being several weeks' late, I began to grow concerned that I was somehow pregnant again despite taking precautions. I didn't particularly want to shell out the $15 for a test, so I first asked Yi: "Am I pregnant?"

    23 unchanging. What better illustration of menstruation? Stripping away. At any rate, I figured my period was not far off with a reading such as that, and indeed, it arrived the following morning.

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    Everyone, I have always found this cast to be ominous, or sometimes can feel that way. I recently had this cast for a disgruntled contractor, this guy had basically been over charging me for years, and the work many times was not good, then on top of it the way he does business, is to basically blackmail you, its quite disgusting really.

    I was slightly shaken, I asked the Yi what do I need to know about this.

    23 Unchanged, the image I got was quite powerful, my immediate thoughts were must cut ties, do not even answer, the more I thought on the answer, I thought maybe he might actually be successful, so gathered my team and stepped up security

    I finally found a way of breaking free from him beforehand, in his mind I still owed him money and in my mind I did not. We had not heard anything from him for quite sometime, then out of the blue on my skype I get a nasty message threatening a cyber attack on my digital assets. He had given me an ultimatum and said I had to pay by 11:17pm.

    Anyway I thought my answer was to completly remove myself from the situation. Then as I read more about the hexagram. I read it could be compared visually to termites burrowing into something. So guess if you had termites then you may want to protect yourself.

    That's exactly what we did, a cyber attack is like termites in a way. So the hexagram was giving me multiple answers, which I thought was was really cool. Once we had updated security I asked about progress, the answer I received 1.1.5>50 which I thought was really good. The next day I asked again and received hex 12 Unchanging, i thought this was telling me don't go there, your need to move on from this guy.

    Unless the situation changes, I think the advice was quite positive

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    A once significant other accused me of doing a particular thing. I was completely innocent but he could never accept that. Knowing that I consult the I Ching he asked if he could pose a question himself. Predictably he wanted to ask if I had committed the particular act of which he had accused me. I handed him my coins, he tossed them, and the resulting answer was 23UC. All I can think is that the I Ching was advising him that he was fixated on a completely fruitless notion. I knew I was innocent but he could never fully believe it. In retrospect, maybe he was just projecting his own guilty actions upon me. Either way he and I are no longer together.

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