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Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 24

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    Default Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 24

    I think the reason I can't remember many specific occasions of receiving 24 uc is that as soon as I've seen it I've probably unconsciously slumped, taken a breath....phew....return. Slumped is not quite the right word...but anyway what the body does when actually it's not time to rush off and act out the plan I've been feverishly privately envisaging whatever it is.

    The one specific example I can remember is not quite like that. Can't recall exact question but I know it was a 'big ' question for me. When it appeared there was nothing at all happening for me and nothing seemingly left to happen and I think I asked 'what is going on here' something like that..At the time it felt very reassuring and a reading that stayed with me. The darkest point and the point of turnaround. The winter solstice. I would say things began to turnaround from that point, gradually. I think when 24 uc is about your whole life it may not be time to do cartwheels but is time for a quiet inner smile...perhaps ?

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    Wings says of 24uc

    "Unchanging, this situation can mean the RETURNING to the beginning of one of your old familiar cycles or patterns. The trigram CHEN, movement, is arousing from below K'UN, receptivity, into a repeated cycle of activity. Throughout your life you will recognise occurrences that are not simply random, but a part of your own particular pattern. You may perceive this all too familiar pattern as neurotic or, perhaps, as the security of being your Self. Naturally,, the better your attitude about certain fated conditions in your nature, the more pleasurable your life becomes."

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    I received 24uc this morning to describe today and making the best of it.

    24 is still not 100% clear to me, because of the lingering question: return to what? There's implications of not going out the gate, in fact closing the gate, which also allows no one or nothing inside. Simultaneously, it is the return of yang (strong line at the bottom), which is still hidden, as the dragon is hidden in 1.1. I get the impression that being unsettled is part of the condition of 24, due to the combination of coming and going of "friends". Often friends seem to refer to aspects of ones own personality, or things someone instinctively responds positively to. For instance, to get the sudden powerful impulse to play music or express oneself can be part of returning to life. But also a way of turning inward.

    24 always feels something of an unsolvable paradox. The end is the beginning, the beginning is at the end. Not like 49's seasons, but at the polar opposites of coming and going, turning inward and turning outward, but not leaving the orbit. That means there are two returns for every orbit.

    Just a thought.

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    rare are the times I haven't ask " return to what ????" , when I get h24, and its that dreading 24.6 makes you think you can't take things lightly. Hope you don't mind sharing a 24.6 experience.

    I applied for a sort seminar in a time I needed to recover and heal some aspect while it had nothing to do with healing per se. All happened so quickly in a weirdly smooth way. I ask before leaving home for an insight and got 24>42 . I thought 24.6 was too serious for such a trivial thing ; anyway I took it as don't lose that chance. When I arrived at the place the seminar was held, a very unpleasant surprise waiting for me. Without going into details, for some reasons, there was a potential I would jeopardize a health situation.. If I screw it up.. it was really serious. (24.6 ?) .

    So, I recall it as it were now and me there, I stood there and asking again and again into my mind " return to what.. return to what... what is 'home" ?" Literally returning to my home was the more save thing to do yet didn't bode well because the subject of the seminar was "home " too and that recovering aspect of h24.

    I finally decide to take my risks ( I won't lie, i was very scared) and go on while a person escorting me all the time till I reached to a safe place was telling me how crazy and dangerous was what i' was doing . They were right in some ways yet after some first steps I fell that "being in my orbit" thing meng said earlier. It needed a lot of psychical effort but I didn't felt it. just surmised it by observing my body. The prevailing feeling was that I somehow was carried.

    That feeling answered my question : "return to what ? " I was on the right way.

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    I try to recall what h24 reading made me see and make that image but my memory doesn't serves me.

    So "unknown" question/situation and as an answer - instead of words - an image

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    Ah yes perfect image !

    I will wait to hear how Meng's 24 unchanging day went. Later I did recall a daily cast of 24uc. I was at home and I really didn't want to go anywhere, I wanted to rest. To be honest I wanted a 'duvet day'. I felt slightly guilty at that but then did the daily cast for best use of the day and got 24uc. I had a really nice restful day and the cast helped me to feel less angsty about not being 'out there'. That day felt like Maria's picture looked.

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    Re the 24.6 digression, I haven't always found it so terrible, more factual. Have 2 clear experiences of it.

    1. 24.1.6>23 about finances ...well the 24.6 showed it being just too late to repay debt so took a special kind of bankruptcy.for people in my circs..which actually was liberating from the debt. Sometimes it's okay to acknowlege just being too late to rectify something.

    2. Landlord kept promising new windows. They were literally falling out and very draughty. I asked about when they were going to be done and got 24.6. I knew instantly that meant "not before xmas !" Sure enough solstice came and went and no new windows till April !

    Someone called Dobro had a thread devoted to line 6's...will link if find it...here http://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/frien...int-or-endgame We could have a series of threads all devoted to line 1s and line 2's and then a whole series of threads of experiences of lines 1 and 2 together and so on....it might never end

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    I read somewhere that reading the Image is especially helpful when we get unchanging casts.

    I particularly like Hilary's take on the Image from her book


    "Thunder dwelling in the centre of the earth: Returning.
    The ancient kings closed the borders at winter solstice.
    Itinerant merchants did not travel,
    The prince did not tour the regions."

    In winter nothing moves or grows: thunder dwells quietly at the centre of the earth. When spring comes, it will surge up and rouse everything to new life. But at present it is barely beginning to stir: winter solstice, darkest moment of the year, is when light just begins to return.

    The ancient kings cared for their people as the earth covers a dormant seed. They contained people's impulse to rush out and resume business as usual, so that the energy for growth would not be squandered in the depths of winter. This is the turning point on your path, a moment to be still and turn inward to listen for little glimmerings and inklings of awareness, to nurture the seeds of a personal sense of direction.

    As I keep quoting from 'Hilary's book' I thought I better link to it for newbies who may not know it...here it is http://www.amazon.com/Ching-Walking-.../dp/1848374534

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    I mainly rested as thoughts went to and fro, mostly about something I'd been wrestling with for the past few days, so it was a time to relax from the tension; was going to drive up to Kingman for food shopping but decided on tomorrow (today) instead (merchants and strangers did not go about). It was a good day overall, but nothing unusual or earth shaking. Like the trigrams, I felt well grounded but sensed energy rising from beneath my feet. Today I feel ready to go out and spend some of that energy and some money.

    PS: Hilary's text seems to depict the day completely accurately.

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    I have it in answer to " what reason is there for me to be on earth" about a year ago, and i see it as yi not answering the question directly but rather an acknowledgment that i was off the path and that i needed to return to the path, return home. I like c.anthony's commentary
    We obtain this hexagram when we are about to "split apart" from our path, or after we have already done so, by reviving old methods of defending ourself or strategies for dealing with problems. Return means: return to the path, fall back on acceptance and humility, not letting doubt cause us to argue, make claims, use leverage or force. Return is aided by keeping still within. We should not allow our ego to go on arguing or even complaining.

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